An Old Tree & An Old Trev

On our walk this morning, I passed an old tree our neighbors cut down last summer. I remember the tree well, while it stood tall. It was massive, tickling the sky and it was also lifeless. Lightening had struck it some time ago and it needed to come down.
As I stood there gazing at its dry, peeled bark, counting the uncountable rings burnt by chainsaw blades…I thought about Trev.
As years pass, with your senior dog, there is this ever growing whisper: …Time is a treasure…It is fleeting…Hold on to these moments… I’m sure that whisper is different for all of us, but you know what I’m referring to…the fear of age and the fear of letting go.
Just like the rings of a tree stump tell the age of a tree, so do the ever graying circles around our faithful companion’s eyes and the Michael McDonald beards around their noses that somehow seem to appear overnight.



How can it be, that a little gray can make me love him so much more? I think it’s because no matter how much gray life tries to cover him with, I’m always gonna see that sweet little frisky pup I first fell in love with so many years ago.

So, savor the sweetness of reflection with me today. Give your faithful friend an extra hug, kiss and treat…you know they deserve it and more!


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Trev’s Favorite Homeade Treats

Hello, woof and welcome dear followers!!!! We are so glad you are here!!!! Tonight I wanted to share a great dog treat cookbook with you:



It’s The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook by the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company. It’s A Formal Affair is our favorite recipe to recommend. Because Trev has such a sensitive tummy, we had to purchase Hill’s Science Diet treats. The cost really began to add up fast and as soon as we turned around, the bag was empty. I found this book on Amazon and never looked back! The book actually pays for itself with your very first batch. In fact, depending on how thick I make the treats, I can usually make 100 biscuits per batch.









Full box of treats=One happy Trev!!!!

Happy treat baking,

Our Wednesday Morning Walk

When Trev and I awoke this morning, we found our little corner of the world covered in a blanket of ice. Trev wasn’t concerned about the cold in the very least. He was just ready to go…


The trees were caked in crystal icing and the cars were growing icicle beards.






As every dog owner knows, each dog does think they are part bloodhound. Here is Trev…hot…on yet another trail:


As I followed my favorite four paws clip clopping in the back door, we were greeted with a warm welcome. Thank you Lord for the heat on these cold winter mornings. With an empty leash, I set my boots aside to dry:


Tending to his paws, I pull down his towel and bend down to dry him off. He becomes a total squirrel, frisky as ever. Isn’t it amazing how a dog can smile with his eyes?!




Now, we all know what comes at the end of these daily ventures, nothing less than the ever anticipated, TREAT!!!!


May you have a blessed and bark filled day and don’t forget to give those little angels an extra treat today.


What’s In A Name…Everything

My heart was anxious and my eyes were full and swollen. It had only been 1 month since I had to say goodbye to my faithful cocker spaniel, Pepper, who graced my life for 16 loving years.


I was on a new mission…the one every dog lover must face…finding our new furry best friend. My mother had called saying “I’ve taken in the most pitiful stray I have ever seen, would you like to continue nursing him back to health?” My response was, yes, of course, but there was also that lingering doubt and guilt. Is it too soon? No. I then knew it was my way to honor my late Pepper.

For any real dog lover, you are never prepared to see the abuse and neglect inflicted upon these precious souls by a previous owner or to witness what time and the absence of love has robbed from them.

The tiny pup, who after a thorough vet evaluation, was guesstimated to be around 1 1/2 years old. This was his very first picture:


He was like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree who just needed a little love. From the photo, you wouldn’t have known he had previously been flea and tick infested. He had been matted in places directly to the skin, mange had developed on his nose and mites had left his ears bald and smooth. Thank God for wonderful vets, medications, ointments and human compassion–for we saved this little one’s life. This is my favorite snapshot of us together, taken we he was about 7 years old:


So, how did my little buddy get his name? Well, when we met, the movie Pay It Foward, had just come out and it was definitely more than a movie…it was a sign. You see, this puppy was already paying it forward by sharing his miracle of life, his spirit to keep hanging onto hope that someone would save him and his tender love with me. My only choice was to pay it back to him, forever. That is how he became my Trevor. So you ask what’s in a name? Well, my answer, is…everything.

Keep paying it forward to our furry faithful friends!!!!


A great place for dog lovers…

I would love to take Trevor and our family here one day.

Dogs Make Everything Better

Woodcuts by artist Stephen Huneck

I wanted to feature the artist Stephen Huneck’s work and the incredible Dog Chapel he created on his Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont for a while now. And so here we go, but unfortunately when I began doing research I was shocked to discover he passed away a few years ago. I think that perhaps I didn’t hear about it at the time because I lost someone very special on the exact same day: January 7, 2010. Stephen Huneck took his own life that day because he was distraught over having to lay off his staff. In an ironic twist, the staff was hired back following his death because of the renewed interest in his work. However, things have once again taken a downturn and the future of Dog Mountain is in serious jeopardy.

Stephen Huneck with Lab, Woodcuts and Post

If you’re not familiar with the art of Stephen Huneck, the majority of his work…

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