What’s In A Name…Everything

My heart was anxious and my eyes were full and swollen. It had only been 1 month since I had to say goodbye to my faithful cocker spaniel, Pepper, who graced my life for 16 loving years.


I was on a new mission…the one every dog lover must face…finding our new furry best friend. My mother had called saying “I’ve taken in the most pitiful stray I have ever seen, would you like to continue nursing him back to health?” My response was, yes, of course, but there was also that lingering doubt and guilt. Is it too soon? No. I then knew it was my way to honor my late Pepper.

For any real dog lover, you are never prepared to see the abuse and neglect inflicted upon these precious souls by a previous owner or to witness what time and the absence of love has robbed from them.

The tiny pup, who after a thorough vet evaluation, was guesstimated to be around 1 1/2 years old. This was his very first picture:


He was like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree who just needed a little love. From the photo, you wouldn’t have known he had previously been flea and tick infested. He had been matted in places directly to the skin, mange had developed on his nose and mites had left his ears bald and smooth. Thank God for wonderful vets, medications, ointments and human compassion–for we saved this little one’s life. This is my favorite snapshot of us together, taken we he was about 7 years old:


So, how did my little buddy get his name? Well, when we met, the movie Pay It Foward, http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0223897/ had just come out and it was definitely more than a movie…it was a sign. You see, this puppy was already paying it forward by sharing his miracle of life, his spirit to keep hanging onto hope that someone would save him and his tender love with me. My only choice was to pay it back to him, forever. That is how he became my Trevor. So you ask what’s in a name? Well, my answer, is…everything.

Keep paying it forward to our furry faithful friends!!!!


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