Bark!!!! Our Very First Blog Award

Happy Thursday everyone!!!! Trev and I have some special news to share…We received our very first blogging award!!!!


Our first order of business is to send out a super BIG Thank You to Oz at: oztheterrier who barked and bestowed this award on us!!!!
Oz is a fellow Cairn Terrier that Trev and I met our first week of blogging. Oz shares his life from his doggie point of view and is always up to something fun and we recommend adding him to your blog roll to join in his adventures!!!! Again, Oz, thank you so very much for sharing this award with us!!!!

Here’s the rules for this award:

1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you…

2) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back to them…

3) Answer 5 simple questions (These are simple?)…

A) If you could change one thing, what would you change?
I would invent an awesome product called puppy juice!!!! It would be a powdered drink we add to our dog’s water (tasting like chicken or beef, whatever your fur baby likes best) and it would make them be a puppy again. This way, your best buddy could be by your side forever!!!! Wouldn’t you buy it?

B) If you could repeat an age, what would it be? Any year?
Oh, I don’t want to go back to any particular age. I’ll take the age I’ve been blessed with now, embrace it and keep hoping for the best! I would like to feel younger though because I’m raising a toddler and caring for and nurturing a senior dog who is 13 years young. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband to walk beside me on this journey.

C) What is one thing that really scares you?
It scares me to think about my life without our Trevor Bear. Every loving dog owner knows this feeling all too well. The best we can do is enjoy each day and treat it as the blessing it truly is. Trev has been by our sides through so many life experiences: job changes…our wedding day…my pregnancy (I remember becoming so big towards the end that Trev couldn’t fit on my lap without slipping off my knees)…the birth of our child…and loves us more through all of it!!!! He knows he’s our top dog.

D) What is one dream you have not completed and do you think you will be able to accomplish it?
Oh yes, I dream of becoming a published writer one day. Blogging is just my first step.

E) If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?
I think it would be fabulous to be Ginger Rogers. I would like to know what it was like to dance with Fred Astaire. After an afternoon of dancing, I would be a veterinarian and help a pregnant mare deliver her baby colt. That would be a cool day…agreed?!

4) Display the award on your blog somewhere…

5) Nominate up to 20 blogs for the award and notify them…






















Trev and I wish to share the blogging wealth with all of you on our blog roll. For those I nominated who do not wish to participate, that’s more than fine. We just want you to know we truly enjoy reading your posts!!!!



Arrrrrggffffff…Shiver Me Treats!

Arrrrrrrrrggfff…Maties!!!! Our little Trev has been on the high seas. We thought we were gonna have to buy him a doggie eye patch!!!!
We weren’t quite sure what really happened to his eye. We live in the country and there are some crazy scary insects out here!!!! It was probably a spider bite or something just got lodged in the corner of his eye. Having a toddler in the house, you have all sorts of extra first aid essentials. So, I was on ultra mommy duty that night. First things first…I told Trev to cast his anchor and be my first mate because we were gonna visit another big sea…The Sea of Bath!!!!
Trev actually likes getting a bath, so that part was easy. We washed and rinsed his eye several times and gave him his allergy meds. His eye began to open up more and more but was still pitiful looking. Of course, these things happen late at night so it’s a wait and see thing. If Trev wasn’t getting better, we would take him to the vet first thing that morning. He was weary and my heart was aching for him.
So, I looked down at him and spoke in pirate voice…Arrrrrrrrggg Trevor, Shiver Me Treats…It was like magic…his eye slowly began to widen when I showed him his fresh treats…
The tricks you have to use as a momma!!!! He was still pitiful for most of the night, but had warm fresh treats in his tummy. When Trev woke up the next morning, his little eye was back to normal. A huge sigh of relief left our lips as we showered our bear with hugs and love. Thank You Lord!!!!
Another day with our bear is a blessing indeed!!!! Wishing you a week of calm seas and all the treasure you can carry!!!!

Trev’s Awesome New Doggie Bed

Hey there faithful followers!!!! Trev and I are so glad you are here! My hubby came home the other evening with a big surprise for Trev…a brand new doggie bed!!!!

This bed is by Pooch Planet and you can read about their therapeutic dog beds here: poochplanet
I don’t know about your special furry friends, but our buddy owns the bed, the sofa, or wherever he feels the need to cuddle up. Case and point: 🙂





So, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Trev loves it.
Now, Trev will fall asleep between us, but travels down to his new comfy paradise after about an hour.

The covering is super super soft which you will be tempted to try out yourself with a zebra stripe burnout pattern.

It is filled with memory foam and is quite thick for a dog bed. When Trev gets up in the mornings, he doesn’t stretch around like he used to. He just jumps right up and comes to greet us in the bed. Such a blessing to see him get some relief from his achy joints.

It has a corduroy like backing. We just placed it over his old bed to make it even softer.

Here is Trev enjoying his new pad:




A hard day’s work deserves a great night’s rest…So, the next time you’re at Sam’s Club and run past one of these awesome beds, I recommend picking one up.

I have not received any money for reviewing this product. I just think it’s an awesome item and wanted to pass it along to all of Trev’s new buddies.


Trev, The Mellow Man

This Tuesday greets us with a soft warm sunshine, the kind that trickles through your window and warms you like a blanket. Here in Tennessee, the weather has been all over the map recently. We have had ice storms, snow and even tornados. So, seeing the sun coupled with nice mild temperatures is a real treat indeed!
Today was a snooze-a-thon for Trevor, who seemed to be the poster boy for m.e.l.l.o.w! Donovan’s Mellow Yellow would be a good theme song for our little bear today.

Trev proves he is living the dog’s life!






Have you cuddled with your faithful furry companion lately?
Wishing you a blessed and bark filled week!

Trev & The Epiks Experience

Before I even get into my story today, I have to thank Will and Eko at markingourterritory for inspiring and encouraging me to post about Trev’s doggie boot experience. You see, last week, Will posted about Eko’s boot experience and I laughed so hard! Trev and I did our little dog boot dance years ago and we still laugh about it today.

Seven years ago, we decided to get our Cairn, Trev, some doggie boots. We were living in a very busy townhome complex at the time and during one of our morning walks, Trev almost stepped in broken glass…GASP!!!! Someone had apparently thrown out a glass bottle sometime during the night, which landed right on the sidewalk. After Trev and I came back inside, I did my good deed for the day and swept up the glass. There was no way I was gonna let somebody else’s little doggie get glass in their paws either!!!!
So, we got online to go “paw” shopping and the choices were absolutely overwhelming, but we decided to go with Epiks. You can find out all about their paw wear by visiting them at:
or by checking out their YouTube video at:

When we opened the box, it was such a blast! These were definitely high quality shoes with memory foam lining, zippers and rubber soles with a paw imprint. Trev, however, had a different kind of reaction. His expressions are priceless!

“Hey mom, what’s that?”Trev

“Naw, I think I’ll pass on this one!”Trev

“Trev, wait, there could be a treat in your future…”Me



“Did you say treat?”Trev

“These are so cute buddy boo!”Me


“There better be a REAL treat in my future Mom!”Trev

“Are you kidding me?”Trev

This picture doesn’t even need a caption!!!!!!
Whenever we need a good laugh, I just pull out the old scrapbook page:

I know I’m promised to smile every time I see it!!!!!
Have a blessed and bark filled weekend! Trev and I thank each and every one of you for following us!!!!