Trev & The Epiks Experience

Before I even get into my story today, I have to thank Will and Eko at markingourterritory for inspiring and encouraging me to post about Trev’s doggie boot experience. You see, last week, Will posted about Eko’s boot experience and I laughed so hard! Trev and I did our little dog boot dance years ago and we still laugh about it today.

Seven years ago, we decided to get our Cairn, Trev, some doggie boots. We were living in a very busy townhome complex at the time and during one of our morning walks, Trev almost stepped in broken glass…GASP!!!! Someone had apparently thrown out a glass bottle sometime during the night, which landed right on the sidewalk. After Trev and I came back inside, I did my good deed for the day and swept up the glass. There was no way I was gonna let somebody else’s little doggie get glass in their paws either!!!!
So, we got online to go “paw” shopping and the choices were absolutely overwhelming, but we decided to go with Epiks. You can find out all about their paw wear by visiting them at:
or by checking out their YouTube video at:

When we opened the box, it was such a blast! These were definitely high quality shoes with memory foam lining, zippers and rubber soles with a paw imprint. Trev, however, had a different kind of reaction. His expressions are priceless!

“Hey mom, what’s that?”Trev

“Naw, I think I’ll pass on this one!”Trev

“Trev, wait, there could be a treat in your future…”Me



“Did you say treat?”Trev

“These are so cute buddy boo!”Me


“There better be a REAL treat in my future Mom!”Trev

“Are you kidding me?”Trev

This picture doesn’t even need a caption!!!!!!
Whenever we need a good laugh, I just pull out the old scrapbook page:

I know I’m promised to smile every time I see it!!!!!
Have a blessed and bark filled weekend! Trev and I thank each and every one of you for following us!!!!

2 thoughts on “Trev & The Epiks Experience

  1. Great photos! Your dog is so cute! We had a Maltese years ago who felt humiliated when I put boots on him during the bitter cold winter. He went in his crate facing the back of the crate and refused to look at me he was so mad about the boots! LOL 🙂 🙂 Happy trails!

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