Trev’s Awesome New Doggie Bed

Hey there faithful followers!!!! Trev and I are so glad you are here! My hubby came home the other evening with a big surprise for Trev…a brand new doggie bed!!!!

This bed is by Pooch Planet and you can read about their therapeutic dog beds here: poochplanet
I don’t know about your special furry friends, but our buddy owns the bed, the sofa, or wherever he feels the need to cuddle up. Case and point: 🙂





So, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Trev loves it.
Now, Trev will fall asleep between us, but travels down to his new comfy paradise after about an hour.

The covering is super super soft which you will be tempted to try out yourself with a zebra stripe burnout pattern.

It is filled with memory foam and is quite thick for a dog bed. When Trev gets up in the mornings, he doesn’t stretch around like he used to. He just jumps right up and comes to greet us in the bed. Such a blessing to see him get some relief from his achy joints.

It has a corduroy like backing. We just placed it over his old bed to make it even softer.

Here is Trev enjoying his new pad:




A hard day’s work deserves a great night’s rest…So, the next time you’re at Sam’s Club and run past one of these awesome beds, I recommend picking one up.

I have not received any money for reviewing this product. I just think it’s an awesome item and wanted to pass it along to all of Trev’s new buddies.


12 thoughts on “Trev’s Awesome New Doggie Bed

    • Oh goodness yes, I know it!!!! We went back and picked up another one, so he has one in the bedroom and living room. Dogs are the greatest foot warmers though…giggles. I pet Trev until I fall asleep at night so I’m glad he still stays up there at least a little while.

    • Giggles, yes, so very true indeed! Oh, Trev is still our little snuggle bear at night. He likes to put his head on my pillow and I usually pet him til I fall asleep. It’s a dog’s life you know…Trev and Eko have it made!!!!

  1. Looks like a great bed! Nice and comfy! Those bulk discount places like Sam’s are great for getting a great deal on a doggie bed, some of them are so expensive at pet stores!

  2. Mom bought me a Pooch Planet bed at Sams in Dec 2011, I fell in love with it instantly and she could not pry me out of it, so she went back and bought me a second one. They are the best and so comfy and snuggly. Mom likes them because they are durable and she an wash them easily too!

    • Hey Ann!!!! Really, these beds are pawesome to the max, and I truly recommend for senior pets as well. I think we picked these up at Sam’s…If you run across on, try to pick one up. Hope your week is wonderful and as always, thank you for stopping by today!!!!

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