11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…Pappa Bear’s Protective Glare

    • Thank you so much guys for the sweet compliment! Kirby told me to check my spam and low and behold, there you were:-( Anyhoo, I am so thankful to Kirby, lest I would have never been able to reply. So glad you are here and thank you for following us!!!! Hope you have a wonderful VDay! Woof and wags!!!!

  1. This is sooooo cute, you are so blessed two have two little adorable munchkins! 🙂 Btw mostphotogenicdog -Henri and Gracie ( http://mostphotogenicdog.com/) wanted me to let know she has been trying to leave you comments but think they are getting eaten by the spam monster (have you checked your spam often comments wind up there at times). She just wants to make sure you know she is not ignoring you or anything!

    • Thank you so much for the sweet compliment!!!! I am having such a hard time leaving comments on others blogs too, it’s always hit or miss. Will check my spam and thank you for letting me know. I follow them too…Have a wonderful VDay!!!! Woofs and wags!!!!

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