Arrrrrggffffff…Shiver Me Treats!

Arrrrrrrrrggfff…Maties!!!! Our little Trev has been on the high seas. We thought we were gonna have to buy him a doggie eye patch!!!!
We weren’t quite sure what really happened to his eye. We live in the country and there are some crazy scary insects out here!!!! It was probably a spider bite or something just got lodged in the corner of his eye. Having a toddler in the house, you have all sorts of extra first aid essentials. So, I was on ultra mommy duty that night. First things first…I told Trev to cast his anchor and be my first mate because we were gonna visit another big sea…The Sea of Bath!!!!
Trev actually likes getting a bath, so that part was easy. We washed and rinsed his eye several times and gave him his allergy meds. His eye began to open up more and more but was still pitiful looking. Of course, these things happen late at night so it’s a wait and see thing. If Trev wasn’t getting better, we would take him to the vet first thing that morning. He was weary and my heart was aching for him.
So, I looked down at him and spoke in pirate voice…Arrrrrrrrggg Trevor, Shiver Me Treats…It was like magic…his eye slowly began to widen when I showed him his fresh treats…
The tricks you have to use as a momma!!!! He was still pitiful for most of the night, but had warm fresh treats in his tummy. When Trev woke up the next morning, his little eye was back to normal. A huge sigh of relief left our lips as we showered our bear with hugs and love. Thank You Lord!!!!
Another day with our bear is a blessing indeed!!!! Wishing you a week of calm seas and all the treasure you can carry!!!!