The Last Treat Bender

Performing Tonight: Trevor Pupperfield

I honestly think Trev Bear has been secretly attending Dog Magic School online. Every time I go to pick up the IPad, Trev “magically” appears and watches me for about 30 seconds and then goes off to take yet another nap. He is a pro at erasing the browsing history and cookies, so I couldn’t prove it…until now!!!!

Trev has always been persuasive with his eyes…in fact, we call it the “laser beam eyes” because it feels like your flesh is melting off when he wants his bities or any other special treat. There is also a slight buzzing and humming sound emitting from his beam…His power has become more controlled in his golden years. 🙂


Every morning and night, Trev gets his bities with his Phycox Soft Chews Supplement for his joints and a homeade treat. This is where Trevor Pupperfield begins his performance…


Trev steadies himself in a deep focus as if willing the treats to jump off the counter and into his paws…

Can this feat be done? Trev says “Yes” with the help of his magic apprentice…my two year old son!!!! Just watch these two partners in crime as they plan out their next act:


Trev: Don’t let her see us talking!!!!


Trev: Now look in the opposite direction and focus on something else!!!!

Trev: This is just too easy…toddlers take it literally!!!!

I look down at Trev and say I know you’re up to something…

Trev: I know nothing!!!!

Just like magic, out of the corner of my eye I see the magic show reach the finale:




I look down again at Trev as he sees I understand his magic secrets…You should be ashamed for making your partner in crime to be your very own little brother…


Trev: On second thought nawwww…It was totally worth it…The magic trick was a complete success…I think we have a shot at Vegas mom!!!!

I do believe all dogs have magic in their paws…May you and your furry friends have a magical week!!!!