Helping Your Senior Dog Rock


That’s how Trev Bear and I feel about aging!!!! However, that’s part of the journey and we are getting grey together…



Each day we seem to get a little greyer, but we color it with LOVE, vet advice and wonderful supplements.



We have used DinOVite Supplements off and on for several years. Last year, we noticed Trev’s hair beginning to thin and his energy decrease substantially. We put him back on the DinOVite and it began to put the pup back in his step again. He started going for his soccer ball just like old times and what a relief to treasure those times again.


We also use Phycox Soft Chews for Trev’s joints. We could tell a difference in the way he walked within only one week. We desire to stay away from anti inflammatory meds for as long as possible as his stomach is so sensitive. They would just tear his tummy and bowls up. So the Phycox and the memory foam bed we purchased from Pooch Planet has made a significant difference in his joints.


And yes, we are on the strict Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D food and have been for the past couple of years. As your faithful companion ages and their diets change, it is important to remember that expensive dog food will still be cheaper than vet emergencies in the long run. You can also save big money by making your own Homeade Treats.


As you can tell, Trev enjoys this food.


We also use GSE Liquid Extract by adding only a few drops to his water bowl daily.

So, that’s how we keep our little Trev Bear rocking!!!!


I would really appreciate knowing some of the supplements that you have tried successfully, especially for allergies!!!! Trev is on special vet medicine for his allergies and he has a bad cold right now…Would you please send him some well wishes…We would be ever so grateful!!!!

Have a healthy and safe weekend dear friends.

Please note that I have not received any money by sharing these reviews. These reviews are only intended to share the many ways we try to keep our little bear happy and healthy for as long as we can. As always, seek your vet’s advice before adding any new supplements to your dog’s diet.

17 thoughts on “Helping Your Senior Dog Rock

  1. Mmmm I/d… out of all the prescription diets, that one always looked the most appetizing lol. If I had to eat dog food, it would be that one. I liked the older formula better though (not that I ever tasted it…) Allergies suck… I really can’t think of a good supplement for allergies right now. If he has really itchy skin, my favorite product was resicort leave on conditioner.

    • Thank you for your feedback…I always enjoy hearing your input Ann…His skin seems to be fine, but I will write that down for future reference because his allergies seem to get worse each year. He has such a bad cold right now 😦 Thank you again and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!!

  2. My sister is a big dog, a Kuvasz and will be turning 11 in June. She is not turning grey since she is a solid white dog, we wish her fur would thin out since she sheds 24/7/365 and enough to knit a sweater once a day! She is doing great except for some arthritis but now that she is on Metacam that is much better. We tried all kinds of supplements with no luck, so we are happy to finally have found a medicine that makes her more comfortable.

    • We agree that the Metacam is a great medicine…Trev loves it too…expensive…but the most helpful with little to no side effects. If Trev can take something easily without tummy upset, that is one wonderful thing!!!! We send well wishes to your big sis and are so glad to hear her daily pain level is well controlled…Woofs and wags to you and Happy Saturday!!!!

  3. Oh, Trev, your humans really, really love you! I hope your cold goes away soon. I’m reIatively young (four years old tomorrow), but I have hip and elbow dysplasia so I also take joint supplements. One of my doctors said I should also take vitamin E tablets because they have been shown to make joint supplements more effective. If nothing else, they make my coat look good!

    • Wonderful advice and thank you for sharing that!!!! I truly appreciate it…Shew, hip and elbow dysplasia, you are one strong doggie…we send well wishes and love to you each day for that!!!! We are off to the vet…again…maybe we can beat this cold with some antibiotics…Praying for the best today!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

  4. We don’t know Mr B’s exact age, we estimate him to be 9 1/2. He’s on a regular diet; given the chance I think he’d eat 24/7! I do have him on glucosamine, fish oil, and vitamin E which made a huge difference in his movements and obvious discomfort. I also add salmon oil to his meals. His coat though? Unbelievably thick, more than the younger dogs!

    How old is Trev?

    • Trev is currently 13!!!! Thank you so much for sharing all your supplement info with us…The salmon oil is another great idea…We use LickOChops on his meals…We love hearing that about Mr.B’s coat…that is a wonderful thing indeed…We hope you have a wonderful weekend–woofs and wags!!!!

  5. We went through this with our dear Luke, a gold lab. He passed on at the end of summer 2011. We went for the joint supplements and the special diet as long as we could. But eventually, we had to give him Rimadyl. The arthritis in his hips made it difficult for him to get about, even bend to do his business! We found out that the pharmacy company that makes is is the same one that makes Viagra! And, they don’t sell online. We had to get them from the vet. Those available nine are fakes, we were warned. Imagine that!

    Trev still looks like he’s still got spunk. Towards the end, even food did not interest Luke anymore. We knew it was time.

    Now, we have Beau. But we did mourn for a little over a year.

    • Dear friend, we send our love and sympathy for the passing of your precious Luke…Thank you most of all for sharing that with us…They take part of us with them when they go…Thankful Beau is now with you…I HATE hearing the news about that pharmacy..BOO!!!! I’m not a gambler, but I tell ya, don’t you feel like we have to gamble way too much when it comes to health concerns? Very glad you found that info out before it was too late…Trev is still a squirrel muffin, thankful for each day…Off to the vet today…We hope some antibiotics will take this cold away and that he can start feeling better quickly. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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