Top O’ The Mornin’

Oz the Terrier

It’s true lassies and lads, Trev has inspired a Limerick by Oz The Terrier.

There once was a Cairn in Tennessee
who went nuts for chicken fricassee.
When he catches the smell
in his eyes the tears swell
and he trembles with pure ecstasy.


An original poem by Oz the Terrier; re-posted with permission, in its entirety, as originally posted on

Whenever I make chicken, Trev comes to sit in front of the stove. He begins staring with his laser beam eyes and his eyes literally swell up with tears from the excitement!!!! And the award for Best Doggie Drama goes to Trev Bear!!!!


If you would like to have Oz write a Limerick about you, please click HERE.

From one fellow Cairn to another…Thank you Oz!!!!

24 thoughts on “Top O’ The Mornin’

    • Oh we definitely will ( Cairns have great taste, right Oz, so we know we already LOVE it ) and we are only famous because of YOU!!!! I was finally able to comment on your blog today, YAY!!!! So glad I tried again!!!!

    • Oz is so cool!!!! Thank you for the well wishes as well for Trev…he has to get his teeth cleaned Wednesday and go under anesthesia…I am a mess and so worried…please continue well wishes for us…it would be so very appreciated!!!!

  1. Perfect limerick Trev…I think Oz has you down cold…The little lip quiver works well for me, along with the sad puppy eyes and the slightly raised paw , but I’ve never added the teary eye…hmmm, might have to try that one next

  2. Trev can now add “artistic muse” to his resume!! What a great limerick! On a side note: I’m so jealous of your awesome skill of ALWAYS having your camera ready at the right place at the right time to capture Trev’s adorable moments!! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness…you are too kind…We love you Jessica!!!! It has been a long week indeed…Please give that sweet little Taylor a big hug and kiss from me and Trev…We really enjoy your videos…she is such a frisky tater…Have a fabulous weekend friend!!!!

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