Arrrffffff..No, not the Anesthesia!!!!

Ugh…when it comes to the words…general anesthesia…my heart skips a beat. Years ago, I actually had a bad reaction while I was under general anesthesia. If anyone I love has to have it, I automatically get a feeling of dread. An anesthesiologist once told me it is controlled poisons. So when our vet said Trev needed to have his teeth cleaned, we were quite scared, especially with him being a senior dog!!!! However, Trev is quite the celebrity at our vet and everyone knows him. We love and trust our vet, so all our questions and concerns were answered. Trev does have all of his check ups and just recently had a blood work up and she was very pleased and confident in his overall health for his age. In fact, she said that he is healthier than most of the animals she sees and treats in his age group. So, we decided it was the best decision to go ahead and have it done.

So, Wednesday was a very LONG day for our family. We missed hearing his jingle collar and having him there beside us.


Every call we got from the vet office that day was wonderful news…Trev did great…he is just groggy and they wanted to monitor him for the afternoon. Come to find out, his back tooth, one we couldn’t even see, was actually a cavity!!!! What a blessing to know we made the right decision. Our vet even said the extraction may help his allergies!!!!

Even the baby was missing his big bubby!!!!


This was Trev when we first brought him home…


He looked pretty beat up 😦 The first thing he did was get a BIG drink which was a wonderful sign…


Our next order of business, was to give our bear a bath…Time to bring out the inner squirrel…






Then we gave him the royal treatment…We blow dryed him with the hairdryer…


Both of his front paws were shaved…Guess I’ll have to make him some paw warmers 🙂


One fluffy, tired and sore bear…


Resting and recovering in the warm sunlight…


We do not wish to make Trev undergo this painful process again…What are some of the products you use to keep the plaque under control, besides regular brushing? Our first purchase will be Plaque Off and we will also start flossing with Doggie Dental Aid. We will write some reviews in the near future!!!!

Well wishes for a quick recovery is Trev’s request this week. It’s gonna be a long weekend…but we are all together!!!! That’s always something to celebrate. Happy Barks and Brushings!!!!