Mission Im*PAWS*ible..Bities Protocol


Agent Trev Bear:
Your mission should you choose to accept it–Consume your ENTIRE dish of bities–this message will self-destruct in…Woof!!!!


That’s really what it’s been like since Trev’s dental cleaning and tooth extraction…and who can blame him for not wanting to eat? I wouldn’t let him skip or skimp on not even one meal! It really just takes some patience and imagination to entice your doggie back into the bowl!!!! First off, when you bring your dog home following dental surgery, especially for senior dogs, think of foods you would eat in that same situation.


Organic yogurt is a great source of protein and feels wonderful on a sore throat (remember that having a tube down your throat is quite painful following any surgery). So, your dog is not only aching in his mouth but also in his throat as well. Withhold hard dog food and treats until you are sure he or she is ready to embibe again. Zuke’s has a wonderful assortment of all natural soft treats to choose from and Trev loves them!


Here we go, Trev has a delicious dish of Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D soft dog food prepared for him (which he usually gobbles down like a mad man) and he refuses it. How can I change this attitude?


Let’s play one of his favorite games: BALL!!!! After I roll some bities in a ball, I try rolling it around like his favorite tiny soccer ball.




SCORE!!!! But wait, Trev is on to me…He puts his paw up again and says “What other kind of clever tricks do you have…I can play this game all night.” Hmmmm…Jealousy seems to always work when it comes to COLD bities. Time to bring out the reinforcements: other dogs. If Trev thinks his bities will be enjoyed by another pup, he will freak!!!!



Well, the stuffed animals didn’t work…Trev is oh so wise in his old age!!!! Grrrrr…ok, I’m down to my last resort…TREATS!!!! However, the rule at our house is veggies before dessert so maybe I can cover his bities with the mouth watering scent of one of his favorite treats…Giggles…Yes, in life you have to be your own cheerleader…so…RAH for me!!!!




SUCCESS…RAH RAH!!!! It’s messy, but totally worth it to help him get the proper nutrition he needs in order to regain his strength.

Trev was so sick following his dental cleaning and tooth surgery. He was on several medications to help him along, but still continued to suffer. I went online to try and find some alternative therapies and lo and behold…we found a miracle in a bottle!!!! The company is called Pet Alive and the miracle in a bottle I am referring to is Pet Alive C-Caps. This product is also available through Amazon. I know it sounds unbelievable, but Trevor’s overall health and breathing improved substantially just after the first day of treatment on this supplement. Trev did a complete 180•



It was a complete blessing to Trev as well as our whole family. I highly recommend having this supplement in your medicine cabinet for your faithful friends. It was truly a miracle in a bottle!!!!

Here’s wishing all of Trev’s four pawed friends a healthy and happy week. But, most of all, remember nothing is im*paws*ible if you have the love of your faithful furry friend by your side!!!!


I have not received any money for giving these reviews. I just wanted to share this wonderful supplement with all of our blogging friends.