39 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Our Buddy Is Back!!!!

    • Yes, thank God!!!! I would like to take this time to say thank you for asking about Trev our the past few weeks…Your kindness had touched our hearts…We truly appreciate your kindness to us…Have a wonderful week dear friend!!!!

    • Yes, indeed…Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness…We hope your little furry friend is feeling happy, healthy and whole as well…Blessings to you this week!!!!

    • Awwww…You are so wonderful to us!!!! Thank you for your kind words and well wishes…People with hearts like yours are such a blessing…So glad we met Ms. Harper Lee!!!! Trev sends woofs and wags your way…May you and yours have a lovely week!!!!

    • Trev and Shiner are definitely peas in a pod!!!! Yes, Trev and the little one had an absolute blast!!!! I think we had more fun watching them…Thank you for your kind words…we are so thankful he is getting better…Hope you have an awesome week!!!!

    • Hi there…hope you are doing well!!!! Trev had to be put under anesthesia for teeth cleaning and developed the next thing to pneumonia…It was terrible…We are rejoicing that he is now doing much much better!!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!!

  1. WOOOO HOOOO!! This post just made my week!! I am so thrilled that Trev is on the mend!! Your pics of your two babies are beyond adorable! If I can find a word that means “even more adorable than ‘adorable’ “, I will let you know! 😉

    • Awww…Jessica, as always, you are simply the best buddy ever!!!! How we love reading your posts and comments, thank you immensely for being so thoughtful and supportive during this scary time for Trev…It is such a comfort to have people who truly care!!!! We hope your week is absolutely fabulous…give Taylor a big hug from all of us!!!!

  2. So glad you are feeling so much better Trev. Playing with little bear also helps with the healing my dear friend. Look after yourself and be strong. LOL from mr T(Trompie asked me to write this to you. Glad you look and feel better

    • Trompie, Thank you dear friend for sending some love to our little Trev…We are so grateful for your kind words!!!! Yes, they had a ball…so very thankful…We hope you have a marvelous weekend…woofs, wags and a high paw are being sent your way!!!!

  3. I’m finally catching up on blog reading post vacation and I started off with this one and panicked over what could have happened! I have the same fears you do about anesthesia (I have even been known to ask to see the dr. diploma!). Glad Prince Trev-ilicous is doing better! Yay!

    • Let me tell you, anesthesia is no joke with me. I had a bad reaction myself so I mean I just get sick with worry when I know someone has to have it. With Trev being of great age, honey, I didn’t want to have it done, but we HAD to. He was so sick afterwards and still has a way to go, but we are so thankful he is still by our side. I’d love to see some of your vacation pics if you wish to post them, I would like to see some beautiful ocean views. Have a peaceful and restful Saturday and most of all thank you for your care and concern for Trev…it means the world to me!!!!

  4. Thanks for liking and following my blog. I’ve enjoyed yours as well as I am an animal lover. As you continue to read my posts, you will find that I have several stories to share involving rescued animals and beloved friends. TIme spent with my pets hold some of my most cherished and painful memories. Glad to know your pawed family member is back where he belongs.

    • Absolutely and thank you for following us too!!!! What a lovely comment…looking forward to reading more…So glad I found you!!!! Your kind words are greatly appreciated!!!!

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