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27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Taking Time For A Kiss

    • Thank you so much…I really enjoy sharing these precious moments with great blogs and great friends!!!! Happy day to you!!!! It’s great to meet another blogger here in the Music City!!!!

      • I didn’t know you were in Nashville! I have another blogger buddy there and we are getting together the next I’m in town . You should join us, we are both nice and normal. I’m in west Ky, about 90 minutes from Nashville.

      • Oh yeah…but I’m not a music city queen…giggles…The invite is awesome, but please don’t adjust plans for me…I’m a mom and a chronic migraineur…I’m an awesome blogging buddy though, just can’t hit the town often…Please tell me your buddy’s blog so I can follow them as well. Please share your pics on your blog when you guys take Nash Vegas by storm!!!! Stay safe tonight, the storms are looking brutal here!!!!

    • So so wonderful to read such a lovely comment on a Monday!!!! So, thank you for that!!!! Very glad we found each other here…Blogging is great isn’t it?! Trev is definitely one of our treasures and oh we love him so!!!! Two babies in the house and what a joy that is!!!!

      • I agree they make you life so meaningful. I have a cocker spaniel and she is nuts. Loves to walk as much as I. I love blogging it is so much fun to see everyone’s unique style and read their thoughts, sort of like reading someone’s mind. It makes your mind expand to other points of view. I love that!!!

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