29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–Only Because I Woof You

    • Thank you so much for your kind words…Trev would love Cally, such a pretty name by the way 🙂 Trev, for all the ways he blesses our family, I could never put it all in words…He is one of our treasures…His patience…he is the most patient soul I’ve ever been blessed to meet!!!! Happy day to you and yours!!!!

    • Will power…Trev’s goal is called treat power…the better playmate=more treats for our Trev…He is a wise one indeed…Hope you get an extra treat today just because you are so beautiful!!!!

    • Ahhh Giz…So great to hear from you today…thank you for stopping by our little corner…Thank you for the sweet compliments…Trev said he truly appreciates you!!!! Hope your week is wonderful in every way…Love and hugs to you!!!!

  1. Too too cute what a sweetheart 🙂 think i may have to follow your blog for my cuteness fixes 🙂 and thankyou for popping in to my blog also !

    • Pawesome!!!! Thank you so so much for your sweet words…if you get multiple comments from us here tonight, just delete theme, my phone keeps timing out in the WP app as I’m commenting…Boo!!!! Anyhoo–We are so tickled you are following us too!!!! Hope the rest of your week is wonderful new friend!!!!

      • Modern technology..pffft..I don’t mind…love me a terrier pic 🙂 my fox terrier is firmly planted on his bed next to the woodfire….gives me a filthy look if i butt in to put more wood in hahaha ..and i hope your week is also super 🙂

    • Whoo Hoooo!!!! Can’t wait to see it!!!! Thank you ahead of time for whatever it may be…Coming from you, we know its filled with love!!!! Happy day my friend!!!!

    • Ozz!!!! Oh, we are so happy to hear from you today…so pawesome!!!! I wish we lived closer…talk about the cutest picture ever taken would be one with you and Trev…cairn cute overload…would love it!!!! We just love cairns!!!! Yes, the best big bubby award goes to you both!!!! Hoping you and yours are truly wonderful, happy and healthy–Blessings sweet friend!!!!

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