32 thoughts on “Made In The Shade

    • Trev carries his toys everywhere!!!! It is hilarious, he can’t get out of the car without one his favorite buddies in his mouth!!!! Yeah, he is one blessed pup…Just like you sweet Cupcake!!!! –Hugs

  1. My fur baby, Cally, has a favourite toy – a rabbit (her bunny). If anyone comes to visit, she presents it to them to admire. But don’t take too long admiring it, because it’s HER bunny. At this moment, it’s hanging on the clothesline after going for a spin in the washing machine. She’ll be happy again in an hour or so when she can snuggle with it 🙂

    • Oh I know that all too well…Poor thing is probably going through TW’s ( Toy Withdrawls )…To see her little face when she gets it back, what a treat for both of you!!!! –Hugs

  2. Dear Trev,
    I’m more of a sunshine guy myself, but might I say this is yet another dashing picture of you. 🙂 I also love seeing so many familiar paw prints on your page, dear Trev. We are a little family of our own, I’d say. 🙂
    Shine on, pal!

    • Oh yeah, he has to take one of his toys with him wherever he goes…Before he gets out of the car, he has to pick up his toy and then prances in the yard or house with it!!!!

    • Kirby and Leah, it is so great to hear from you today…Kirby, you are just too cute!!!! Yeah, Trev lives the dog’s life…I love making him happy!!!! Hope your week is pawesome!!!!

    • Trev agrees 100% Misaki!!!! Then he has to do the squirrel / froggie pose in the cool grass…I know you have your little frisky happy moves too!!!! Woofs, wags and hugs to you and yours!!!!

  3. Yow Trev you haz stuffiez too?? me haz 8 of dem…all differint sizez..n me lubz to smack dem about n ruff dem up!!! Except fer me Dot da Ladybug…me snugglez her…sumtimez… 😉
    Nylablue xo

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