44 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Decisions…Decisions…

  1. My goodness – that’s an impressive pile of FUN stuff you have there Trev! You’re a lucky guy – your “toybox runneth over” huh? Woo Woo!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • BOL…that comment totally cracked me up…thank you for the pawesome smile!!!! He is a lucky little buddy!!!! Kitty Hugs back to you sweet Sammy…Hope you and yours are doing great today!!!!

  2. Sounds like Trev looks after his toys. Trompie also has his first toy. He really looks after his stuff. When his little niece Molly comes to visit he gets very jealous when she plays with his stuff. LOL From us here.

  3. Adorable! My mommy was in public when she glanced at this on her phone and she burst into laughter. No doubt, people think she’s crazy, but in a good way! Just want you to know that you deserve every single one of those toys . . . and all the new ones in your future. 🙂

    • You are truly the sweetest!!!! Isn’t is pawesome meeting other dog lovers!!!! I’m so glad I gave you a BIG laugh today…we all need it on a daily basis…Just keep them guessing…they probably wish they had something funny shared with them today!!!! Hope your day is filled with toys, treats and love Miss Harper Lee!!!! — Hugs

    • Giggles…if it’s fluffy and if it squeaks…it’s his!!!! They are all fair game in his eyes!!!! Hope your day is full of treats and toys sweet Emma!!!!

    • Hi Ann!!!! Trev would say…never!!!! Thank you so much for visiting us…I have such a hard time commenting on blogger 😦 …it just locks up…But, very glad we have twitter!!!! Woofs, wags and hugs to you and yours!!!!

    • Giggles…BOL!!!! Yes, Trev loves all his toys…The only toy he puts a mark on is his original tennis ball…It’s as fuzzy as a teddy bear!!!! Happy weekend, woofs and wags!!!!

  4. Yow Mum look at diz poochie!! He iz so so cute..Mum can we invite him fer suppa?? EEoow Trev diz iz Nylablue n me Mum n we iz happy ta meet ya n follow yer blog….
    You haz as many toyz as me!!! 😉
    Nylablue n Mum xo

    • There can never be enough toys, can there????!!!! Thank you so much for following us too and showering us with such sweet compliments…May you and yours have a wonderful week!!!! Woofs and wags–

      • Me menshunned a bazillion weekz ago to mum we shuud follow yer blog.She haz not bin well so we have had trubble gettin here ebery day…..me just kept remindin her….n today she said we shuud stat followin ya!!! Apawz Apawz….me Mum iz slow but she getz dere….
        Me iz alwayz askin fer new toyz; in fact me hidez sum of mine n Mum can’t find dem so she goez out to buy more 😉 Got her figured out REAL GUUD!!! MOL/BOL!
        Hope ya have a guud week too.
        Nylablue n her Mum (slo like a turtle)

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