FRISKER-i-tis: Is the term we use in our house when Trev Bear shakes off his senior years, grabs his soccer ball and begins acting like a little puppy.

Who says senior dogs don’t have more fun? The eyesight begins to go…why, it just means you have to hold his bowl closer, his treat more steady in your hand (they can always smell the pawesomeness) and your walks together…why, you just have to move a little slower…It’s a win win situation in my book!!!!

Then there are days when the “puppy” comes out and with a burst of phantom energy you are both on the floor wrestling for the ball!!!! Every day is a treasure with your best friend by your side, but to see them savoring life and drinking in their smiles of delight…well, it’s a blessing for both of you!!!!

This is Trev in FRISKER-i-tis mode:












We hope your weekend is pawesome dear friends!!!!


44 thoughts on “FRISKER-i-tis

  1. Go Trev! love it indeed when the pensioner pup gets a burst of life! we had an old kitty 17 at the time and she used to go berserk every now and then..then she would seem quite embarrassed afterwards hahaha 🙂 Keep gong Trev you are still a vital and energetic pup 🙂 beautiful pictures !

    • Thank you Misaki!!!! You are soooo beautiful or handsome I should say!!!! Yes, that smile of Trev’s has to be one of my favorites…love capturing those pawesome moments forever…Happy Sunday to you!!!!

  2. You described my senior sister to a tee! We do walk slower for her and take more sniffing time which I don’t appreciate so much but we do it and she does have her puppy moments which make mom so happy! Trev looks great and so happy!

    • These moments of puppydom are so much fun!!!! Love to your senior sister Emma…She loves you more than you’ll ever know and I’m so glad your mom understands and shares these same emotions…Happy Sunday friends!!!!

  3. Lovely photos, he looks like he is having lots of fun. We met people with a 18yr old Cairn today, it looked very sprightly.

  4. Purreshus little Trev waz movin at da speed of light!! Fer a senior poochie you are amazin!! How many yearz ya bin around?? Me iz arond 12 yearz around…. n me can play like a kit when me wantz too….speshelly when NEW toyz are involved!!! MOL/BOL!
    Nylablue xo

      • Yow Trev you n me iz almost da smae age….me not nose me true age n me Vet figured me waz 5 yearz old when me came to Mum so me bin here 7 yearz so we sayz me iz 12..which meanz diz Catmass me tern 13 like you!! 😉 We iz not gettin older; we gettin BETTER!!!!
        Nylablue xo

  5. Too cute! Reminds me of our senior sheltie in her later years. She would occasionally get friskeritis too and it was awesome! Love that last picture of him.

    • Thank you Ann…Im always so glad when you stop by…Blogger just doesn’t let me comment so for you and Oz, I have to follow by twitter…So, please know I truly appreciate you!!!! I bet your sheltie was beautiful…I’ve always thought they were lovely dogs….Yes, that last pic was such a perfect moment…so glad we can treasure it forever!!!! Hope you and yours are doing wonderful in every way!!!!

    • Cairn Cuddles…I just LOVE that Oz!!!! Thank you sweet buddy for stopping by today…It is always such a treat when you grace our blog!!!! Every time I see your face, I just wanna give you a big hug…Yes, Trev has been a total squirrel …FRISKER-i-tis looks good on him!!!! As with every special little bear!!!! Again, so great to hear from you and we hope you and yours are doing wonderful in every way!!!!

    • Thank you for your sweet words…Yes, that last one is one of our faves too!!!! So thankful to have a camera…capturing moments for forever!!!! Love to you, Melvin and Jake!!!!

  6. Awww . . . you’re an oldie but goodie, Trev, and you still have a lot of action up that fuzzy little paw of yours! I think that little soccer ball just might have magical powers. Maybe I should get one . . . maybe my humans need one!

  7. What a happy post! Oh how I love dogs. Think I will go give mine a giant hug and thank her for being in my life! 🙂

    • Giggles…yes, it’s just a little stress ball…but Trev loves it like it was the size of the world!!!! He is a big dog trapped in a little dog’s body!!!! 🙂

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