Meet Miss Roxy

Sometimes, it’s just the little things in life that can bring the biggest joys!!!! You see, my grandmother said goodbye to her best friend, Buffy, as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year. This picture doesn’t do Buffy justice though…She was one of the most tender doggies I’ve ever been blessed to meet. She was just so full of love…she was a living teddy bear!!!! As with any true dog lover though…it doesn’t matter how old, dull or faded a picture will become…it’s the look on someone’s face when they see their beloved pets on film…it’s a smile of fond memories, stolen moments and a balm of love!!!! You can also see Trev in the background…they were such good buddies!!!!


So, we knew it was time to surprise her with a new best friend…Without further ado, here is Miss Roxy…


She was so little that she sank when she laid down in the grass…adorable beyond belief!!!!


This is her guarding the tomatoes and peaches that were purchased at the Farmer’s Market.


So, it comes down to that smile of surprise, thankfulness and love!!!! Today, it’s true, sometimes the biggest smiles come from the smallest of things!!!!

Hugs, woofs and wags!!!!

46 thoughts on “Meet Miss Roxy

  1. Trev, Buffy was a lovely dog. So sweet of you to get your Granny such a cute doggie. Miss Roxy is really adorable, just like you. The last photo is fantastic, so much joy and happiness, makes us smile too. Pawkisses 🙂

    • Paw kisses galore back to you!!!! Such sweet compliments…you are totally pawesome to us…we so appreciate you!!!! Hope your week is wonderful friend!!!!

  2. Little Roxy is adorable!! That’s wonderful that your Grandma has a new puppy companion, loosing one is the hardest. Much happiness to them both!

    • Thank you so much Peppino!!!! Yes, loosing Buffy was so hard on her…Buffy gave her so much company…Now, she has a new best buddy!!!! Very thankful for that!!!! Thank you so much for your warm wishes!!!!

    • Oh, so true indeed…only the true dog lovers know this!!!! In my heart, I know Buffy is so happy for her!!!! What a treat to be able to do this for her…She has a new best buddy now!!!! Love you both and have a wonderful week!!!!

    • Awwww!!!! You are beyond precious to us…and we truly thank you for that!!!! It was such a pawesome day indeed for all of us!!!! I miss little Roxy already!!!! Have a great day sweet friends!!!!

    • Thank you Kirby!!!! Because Buffy was a rescue we never really knew her real age…I guess Buffy was around 12…a very best friend to her in every way!!!! Now, she has a new best friend in little Roxy…we are very happy for her!!!! And that little Roxy, oh she is just too cute!!!! I miss her already!!!!

  3. it’s always so sad when a beloved pet ‘moves on’. Little Roxy looks adorable. When I was a teenager, many centuries ago, I had a Pembroke Corgi called Rozavel Roxanna. Yes, she was also a Roxie 🙂

    • Oh, I love that name!!!! Totally pawesome!!!! I know, when Buffy passed on, it was so hard on her 😦 …Now, she has sweet Roxie…you can’t help but smile whenever you see her little face!!!! Have a wonderful day friend!!!!

    • She has it made now…I miss them both already!!!! So glad to give her a big smile!!!! Hope you are doing wonderful…I have so much catching up to do on my blog reader…Thank you for your kind words!!!!

  4. It is the hardest part of having pets is to say goodbye,we can’t imagine them not being with us forever and yet they do leave us behind.I would go through the pain of loss rather than never have had them though,they are our most honest and loving friends.Miss Roxy is adorable and i am sure will bring great joy, she is not a replacement but a new friend with her own role to play and this is wonderful 🙂

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