Oh, The Things One Little Paw Can Do…

Of all the blog posts I have been blessed to write about our Trevor, this one will stand alone as an infamous comedy of errors and unconditional love. I truly hope you enjoy it!!!!

This past weekend, our family decided to load the car up and take a road trip to visit family. Trev always comes with us!!!! This trip, we decided to simply take our time, enjoy the scenery and make frequent stops to get out and stretch our legs. Our journey was going smoothly…Trev and the baby were both sleeping soundly and my hubby and I just passed the miles talking about whatever came to mind. It was nice!!!!

After a few hours, we decided to pull off, stop at the next Rest Area and let everyone take a potty break and walk around.

You sometimes have to wonder if dogs can read…We noticed this sign as soon as we parked….


We looked at Trev and he let out the longest sigh and we just cracked up!!!! We knew what Trev was thinking…Woof, well I’m outta here…


Daddy took Trev for a nice little walk,


loaded him up and got him all situated and comfy.

He suggested that the baby and I should take our turn while he stayed with Trev. So we did. On our return, he told us to take our time and walk around while he visited the facility. He said, “Trev would be fine,” so we left the car running with the ac cranked up for him. We were having a blast running around and hiding behind the shrubs playing hide and seek. When daddy returned, we all walked to the car, pulled the door handle, but it wouldn’t budge. One look confirmed that all the doors were indeed LOCKED!!!! Trev had managed to crawl up on the door console and push the automatic door locks down with just one little paw. We looked at each other, giggled and then realized what a pickle we were in. See, Trev had it made. He had his dog bed and the ac was cranked up. We had a full tank of gas so Trev was fine. All we had was each other and a cell phone. This was Trev!!!!


So, my husband, being the gentleman that he is, simply said, “I’ll take care of it.” He began calling around to locksmiths but it was to no avail because we were so far out from any neighboring cities. He then called the local police and they dispatched someone to our rescue.


We thought we would take a chance and bribe Trev to come to the window holding a fake treat. Maybe we could get him to touch the automatic door lock again with his paw to unlock it. Because Trev is so hard of hearing, we had to yell into the window to get his attention.


All we did was wind up scaring him and making him think he was in trouble. He crawled under the steering wheel…poor thing. We had to wait for two hours for help to arrive, but they got us back in business and it was a beautiful thing!!!! So thankful for them!!!! When we opened the door, poor Trev gave us this pitiful look like… “What did I do? I’m sorry mom and dad!!!!” We just hugged him, gave him treats and told him he was the best!!!! Even the baby looked at him and said “You okay buddy?” It was precious indeed!!!!

When we finally arrived at our destination, this was Trev…



So, the moral to this story is…if you think your dog can read…


Make sure it’s a dog friendly sign!!!! He or she just might lock you out of your car too!!!! Always keep an extra key in your pocket at ALL times and never underestimate just what one little paw can do.