Trev…Mr. McDreamy

Yes, I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy…We so love Netflix!!!! Any great shows to recommend? We send out high paws to all our furry Mr. & Mrs. McDreamies!!!!


59 thoughts on “Trev…Mr. McDreamy

    • Awesome…FNL has caught my eye because of the high ratings, but never tuned in just yet…Now, we will for sure…Thank you for the recommendation!!!! Hope your week is going great!!!!

      • Noted…never watched either, but LOVE getting these awesome recommendations from you!!!! Will add Bones and Castle to my list…Shows are so much more enjoyable without the commercials…such a treat to me!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

    • No way…I LOVE Arrested Development…Confession…watched it twice and counting…this new season wasn’t the same…but I’m so supportive of Michael’s character that I tuned in anyway…Trev loves Netflix…I just give him the remote and let him choose the shows!!!!

    • BOL, right…We are crazy about that pic…So thankful to have it!!!! Yes, I’m loving the show, on season 3 right now…Hope your week is going great…-Hugs!!!!

  1. Trev you look quite comfy there watching the tube……I’m not much for TV unless it’s something like football or car racing….I love all the ACTION!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

    • Oz!!!! Always such a pleasure when you visit us!!!! Thank you for the compliment…We feel the same way about you, you know!!!! Love, hugs, woofs and wags dear friend!!!!

  2. You are just so delicious Trev! 99% of the time I have the TV on it’s tuned to HGTV. I really love AMC’s the Killing, if you decide to add it, start with season 1.

    • Awww…what a super sweet thing to say…thank you!!!! HGTV rocks…love house hunters intl. and love it or list it!!!! I will add The Killing…looks like a show I would totally enjoy!!!! Thanks for the recommendation…I really appreciate it!!!! Hope your week is going great!!!! Hugs to Melvin and Jake of course!!!!

    • Thank you so much…it is one of my favorite pics of him so far too!!!! Homeland just caught our eyes too…just haven’t tuned in yet…Looks like a great show!!!! Will definitely add it to my list!!!! Love and hugs to you dear friends!!!!

  3. Netflix is pawesome! We watched Greys, Private Practice, Damages, and even Dawson’s Creek. How I Met Your Mother is good and so is Big Bang Theory. Enjoy your shows! Much love, the Scottie Mom.

    • Yes, We so agree about Netflix…It’s great!!!! I am really enjoying Greys right now…on season 3…Thanks for all the recommendations…I am adding them to my list!!!! Have a marvelous day Scottie Mom!!!!

    • Ruff Ruff in McDreamy voice says Trev!!!! Thank you for the sweet words my friend…We love you Giz!!!! I really enjoyed House of Cards too…Kevin S. is awesome!!!! Will add Scandal to my list!!!! Thanks for the recommendations…Hope your week is marvelous!!!! -Hugs

      • Nappiez are da best!!! Me iz feelin much bettur Trev….me waz playin wif toyz a bit n went out in Condo today n had sum more tuna-tuna!!!! Mum bought me a new bag of speshell fibre kibble too…fingz are much bettur all da way ’round!!!! Phankz fer da support n concern…all da well wishez pulled me thru!!!! Me iz shure of diz!!
        Lub Nylablue xo

      • Love to hear this news!!!! Kitty Nylablue is back…woofs and wags galore!!!! May every day find you stronger and sweeter…We send big hugs your way dear friend!!!! C and Trev 🙂

      • Phankz phankz phankz Trev n C…me iz clear!!! Today Mum haz bin smilin all day n me iz so happy she iz happy!!! Me iz also glad to bee here wif Mum!!!!
        Me doez have to go fer a recheck next Fursday nut dat iz OK!!! Me hopez to stay well fer a long long time……….
        Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

      • Pawesome pawesome news!!!! We LOVE hearing this…Blessings, love and hugs dear friend!!!! May each day continue to bring more health, healing and BIG BIG smiles!!!! -Hugs

    • Nalle!!!! Thank you so much for the sweet sweet compliment!!!! We followed your blog today!!!! Yeah!!!! Ku, Trev and I look forward to your posts…Have a pawesome day!!!!

  4. We’ve never seen Gray’s Anatomy. However, I know several people that enjoy it, and I’ve heard the name ‘McDreamy’ from them, ha! Looking quite cute in the puppy pic! 🙂

    • Made it to Season 3 and it got boring to me…Now, I’m watching The Killing…very gripping so far!!!! Me too, never tuned into Grey’s until this year…but always heard of McDreamy. 🙂 happy day!!!!

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