Pawing Down The Barkway

Years ago, we got Trev a remote control car and he LOVED it!!!! He would chase it down the hallway, under the bed, why, wherever we could get it to go!!!! It was a blast…Here are some very old photos of Trev posing and pawing with his car.



Note to self:
Pick up a new remote control car for our Bear!!!!

Friends, have you ever bought one for your dog or cat? I would love to hear about it. I highly recommend it for hours of fun!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

36 thoughts on “Pawing Down The Barkway

    • Oh, get some batteries now!!!! You guys are ALL gonna have a blast, believe me!!!! Trev would bark, paw jump, and growl at the remote controlled car…We would have to hide it by putting it on the bookshelf…Trev would stand at the foot of it looking up…knowing it was there!!!! Can’t wait to hear about all your fun!!!! Have a pawesome time!!!!

  1. That’s a really good idea! I’ve never thought about that before. I wonder if cats would like it too. If I ever got one, I’d be way too tempted to put Nibblet on top for a ride lol.

    • Oh, you gotta do it…You and your furry pals will have an absolute blast!!!! It became an obsession with Trevor…Gotta get another one soon for him!!!! Please keep me posted…I’d love to see what they do!!!! -Hugs

  2. Great idea!! We should have thought of that years ago when our Pack at Casa de Canterbury was young and frisky. Think Spike would like one now, though!! Have a great weekend!!

    • Oh Oz!!!! Hi buddy!!!! Yeah, Trev used to be obsessed with that car…gotta get a new one soon…Love the terrier wish!!!! Have a terrierific weekend too sweet friend!!!! -Hugs

    • Awwww…poor Cupcake…I am so sorry to hear about that terrible experience…Bless your heart…Stay with stuffies dear one!!!! Love and hugs to you and your mom!!!!

    • You gotta let me know or blog about it because I mean Trev LOVED that car…gotta get him a new one…Giz will have a total blast…Looking forward to seeing what Giz does!!!! -Hugs galore my friend!!!!

  3. That sounds like a wonderful idea……! My Mom got me a remote control mouse once but like Cupcake’s experience with the hamster – I’m pretty positive that mouse wanted a piece of me!


    • Oh Sammy, I’m so sorry to hear about your scary experience, just like Cupcake…I send BIG hugs to you and Cupcake!!!! That car, Trev LOVED it…In fact we had to hide it from him!!!! Hope your weekend is purrfect dear friend!!!! -Hugs

    • Oh…What a nice thing to say…We wish to bless Trev with a wonderful life…For all he gives us, you know!!!! Really, let me hear about if you get one…It was like that song from Animotion “Obsession”…that is what we used to sing to Trev about his car!!!! Big hugs and great weekend wishes to you and yours!!!!

    • Pawkisses…so LOVE that!!!! Hope you are doing wonderful dear one…We are trying to stay cool…It has been so humid lately…Trev camps out by the register and on the cool bathroom tile…BIG hugs to you!!!!

  4. Trev looks most in love with his car..used to have kids race track with little cars..sent the cats into overload!…hours of fun 🙂 Have a great day guys hugs Fozziemum xx

  5. Cally doesn’t have a remote controlled car, but our cat Napoleon just loves slot cars! Set that up on our 14 seat dining room table and he is in 7th heaven. Start the cars up, and he will race from one end of the table to the other, bat the cars across the floor and then wait for you to set it up once more so he can do it all over again. My SIL gave up trying to use his remote controlled helicopter in doors 😀

    • Trev understands how you feel–He becomes obsessed with the remote controlled car (like chicken)…We have to hide it from him after awhile!!!! Happy Saturday!!!!

  6. “Mum can me haz a sportz car purrleeze??”
    Have to say me Mum neber thought of diz fer me…me only gotz a windup mousie…..a car wudd be BETTUR! 😉
    Phankz fer da idea Trev!!!
    Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

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