Here, Just Take The Whole Bag Of Treats!!!!

I think whenever we leave the house and Trev is left holding down the fort, he practices his…cute…faces!!!! I also think he uses the oven door as his mirror. I gotta say…All those years of hard work has paid off!!!! I am defenseless and now I’m just like, here sweetie, just take the whole bag of treats!!!! You’ve earned it!!!!


So, have you happened to find any nose marks on your oven door lately? If you’ve ever wondered what those little smudges were, well…now you know!!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!!

55 thoughts on “Here, Just Take The Whole Bag Of Treats!!!!

  1. Hehehe, that’s so sweet, Trev. I leave my marks on the windows and my footprints at the kitchendoors under the sink… but please, don’t tell anybody. Pawkisses for a happy Sunday πŸ™‚

  2. Who can resist those eyes!!? I also love to give my mum my best “eyes” when she comes back from shopping. She sometimes brings the most finger/paw licking treats from the shops. LOL paws up for us doggies

  3. The oven? I never thought of that…. I’m too busy smudging up the front window, guarding the house when Mom is gone. Nose prints, splashes, and drips are proof positive that I was on duty.

    Love and licks,

    • Cupcake…I think we may have blown your cover…BOL!!!! Trev says to remember the oven is the easiest mirror to access, you don’t even have to get up on your paws…You are such a sweet little tater already!!!! Happy day to you and your mom!!!!

    • Oh Emma…Trev thinks the car is one of the greatest places to leave his mark!!!! As humans, we are totally defenseless to your puppy charms!!!! Happy day dear one!!!!

  4. Mine prefer the dishwasher over the oven for some reason, silly dogs!

    That’s such a cute pic though….love the tippy head and ears! Definitely couldn’t resist that face πŸ™‚

    • Tell me about it…He takes his job seriously to the max!!!! I’m a baking fool anymore and it’s pawesome!!!! He knows how to turn up the puppy swagger!!!! We send high paws and BIG hugs to ALL of your cuties today…thank you for the sweet sweet compliment!!!!

    • Bwahhhh….Talk about work ethics!!!! He totally has us wrapped around his paws…He barks and I say…What flavor!!!! BOL!!!! You know how it is!!!! Hope your week is wonderful…Hugs!!!!

    • *Cairn Cuddles* LOVE your signature!!!! Yes, Oz, Trev would totally agree…He LOVES having me wrapped around his paws…Cairns just melt my heart…I know your mom is defenseless too cutey bear!!!! Head rubs and hugs little one!!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!

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