35 thoughts on “It’s Friday…And Trev Is In Love

  1. My big sister is a soccer fanatic! When she was a puppy she actually got out onto a field where a game was going on. She loves it when Mom plays soccer with her but now she is not as agile being older. Make sure you support the sport with him!

    • Oh yes…our little tater gets our full support!!!! Can’t believe your big sis went out on the field when the game was going on!!!! DOUBLE BOL!!!! What a great memory to have!!!! Thanks for sharing with me…Happy day friends!!!!

    • That is pawesome…I love 80’s music too!!!! That gravatar is so precious to the max…every time I see it, I can’t help but smile!!!! Hugs, woofs and wags friends!!!!

      • Thanks guys 🙂 we had gorillas in the mist style fog this morning and now it’s becoming a beautiful day..but cold.i hate the humidity..!! I took a little stroll around with my phone video this morning and when the stupid thing loads I have a lovely little morning stroll to show with the sheepies 🙂 should help make you cool down a bit! Have a great day yourself sweet peeps 🙂 Hugs Fozziemum x

    • It’s such a great song…I really like 80’s music…Oh no…It sounds like a trip to the pet store might be in your future…Hope you get a totally pawesome new ball very very soon!!!! Have a great one!!!!

    • Oh I know…I think VH1 Classic is having an 80’s week starting Monday evening ( maybe last Monday ) BOL!!!! I’ll be tuning in to see what’s going on…love those old videos, remember Night Tracks? Have a great week!!!!

    • Blah!!!! No, not yet…Trev actually coddles his toys…loves on them…but the foamy toys can’t help but shred a little bit!!!! So good to hear from you!!!! Happy day and BIG hugs to you!!!!

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