47 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Best . CoPilot . Ever!!!!

    • Nutty, Nacho, Buddy and Basil…Thank you so much!!!! Trev knows we would be so lost without him!!!! Can’t be without my buddy!!!! Happy day to all of you my friends!!!!

    • Awww…poor thing!!!! That is very rough to deal with…I get like that on long trips myself!!!! Trev just keeps pawing me saying it will be okay mom, almost home!!!! Blessings and love to you and your mom…Hope she is healing up beautifully…thinking of her!!!!

  1. Looks like you are an excellent copilot, Trev; but you might want to think about turning around so you can see where you’re going. I have considered being a copilot, but have settled on being a simple passenger. Let the humans do all the work!

    • BOL!!!! Yes, you and Trev have it totally made in the shade!!!! Just like your mom…I know she would agree with me when I say…just as it should be!!!! LOVE being able to give him such a great life!!!! Hugs to you and your mom and have a fabulous week!!!! Trev sends a big woof and a wink!!!!

  2. Oh my, your doggie is so cute. I just found and had a look around…I can see why you decided to blog about your dog! I blog about my furry babies a lot too. They’re always worth a picture and a couple of words, always, whatever they do!

  3. First, I don’t have a back seat in my Scottiemobile. Second, you let the human drive?? That’s putting your life in the hands of someone with poor eyesight, bad hearing and terrible judgment.

    • Oh Ann…you are the best, I tell ya!!!! Thank you for visiting our little corner today. We LOVE when you visit!!!! I bet Shiner is a pawesome copilot too!!!! Have you ever written a blog post about inverted sneezes and coughs in dogs? If so, please send me a link to that post. If not, would you consider writing about it? Trev has meds for it, but I would like to understand it better. In my opinion, you are the best person to ask!!!! 🙂 Any expertise to share would be so appreciated!

      • Hey Trevor – I love seeing your cute photos 🙂 Shiner has had her copilot moments in the past hehe… I haven’t written about reverse sneeze yet, but it’s been on my to-do list forever now. I need to research about it a little more when I do write about it, but it’s always been my understanding that’s it’s not a big deal and just sounds scary. And it’s always interesting to hear owners try and explain the noise their dog is making lol 🙂

      • I can imagine!!!! Trev gets them sometimes and it can become very scary. We just rush to his side and rub his belly and sides, reassuring him saying its ok…sometimes we offer a drink of water…The episodes have sometimes landed him on the floor. He has meds for this that calm them down and take them away, which we are so thankful for!!!! Gotta be so tender with you senior treasures!!!! 🙂

    • Oh BOL!!!! Trev is more interested in singing “Just Take Me With You” by Prince. (Lyrics) *I don’t care where we go…just take me with you* Best buddy ever!!!! Ruby, I know you have to be a pawesome copilot too!!!! Happy day!!!!

    • Pawkisses back dear friend…so lovely to hear from you today!!!! I have to catch up on my blog roll reading too…Hope you and yours are wonderful!!!! Hugs, woofs and wags!!!!

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