30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: So What’s The Secret Ingredient In Your Treats Mom?

    • LOVE…so sweet and oh, so true Miss Harper Lee!!!! So wonderful to see and speak with you today…My reader seems to be slow, not all the blogs I follow come through regularly…I have been missing seeing you!!!! Hugs, woofs and wags to you my sweet friend!!!! 🙂

    • Yes, it seems to be common with my terrier buddies…Happy tummies equal happy bears!!!! Gotta do all we can for our best friends!!!! Happy day to you!!!! So glad to talk with you today!!!!

    • Giggles…if Trev turned on the phone, who knows how many pics he would wind up taking…BOL!!!! Thank you…I always enjoy your comments!!!! Hope you are wonderful…love to your lab!!!!

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