Saying Thank You To Your Dog

Leave it to us humans to pick a holiday where all we do is eat, nap and eat again and it’d be totally cool!!!!

This is the day we are most like dogs!!!!

The first plate


The dessert plate


The after meal nap


So, Thank you Trev for showing me how to do it right!!!! Here is your special treat little buddy!!!!

Did someone say treat?


Are you serious?


This is totally pawesome!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all our furry friends here in the animal blogosphere. Thank you for following us, just being you and sharing your lives with us!!!! We are thankful for you!!!! 🙂


49 thoughts on “Saying Thank You To Your Dog

  1. Oh Trev Happy Thanksgiving to you and your peeps..we don’t celebrate it in Australia but nonetheless we are thankful for a host of things not the least being to see your sweet little face and soft furssss on our reader 🙂 have a great day my friend hugs and love Fozziemum xx

    • Oh, we just LOVE you!!!! I know I’m behind on catching up with everyone’s blogs, but I promise we are still one of your faith fullest followers!!!! Love, hugs, treats and wags to you and all your furry ones…Thank you for being so great to us!!!! Hugs

      • Oh it’s always a joy to see your face my friend and never fear if I was anymore behind I would be in the dark ages hahaaha….we love you too down here 🙂 hugs and kissey faces Fozziemum xxx

  2. Happy Thanksgiving guys – we hope you had a pawsome day!! We just loved those photos and Trev, we hope you didn’t eat all those treats in one sitting!
    Wally & Sammy

    • Dearest Wally & Sammy, no worries, Trev just imbibed on a couple of treats…Thank you so much for the compliments…Just seeing your gravatar always makes me giggle!!!! So glad we met!!!!

    • Thank you so so much!!!! I really enjoy using Adobe Photoshop, especially for scrapbooking!!!! Your corgi is so adorable, loved your Wordless Wednesday pic and also how the snow falls on your blog page…looks awesome!!!!

      • Thank you so much for stopping by my page! I appreciate it! Photoshop is pretty awesome, I have just started using it, and that would be a great way to brand my photos. Thanks!

  3. Woof Woof Eeowww WOW Trev Bear did ya see all dem biskitz??? Dat iz what me Mum callz da Motherload…
    We 4 leggedz are purrfect xamplez of livin life to da fullest….guud food n treetz n napz n toyz n walkiez or goin out in Condo…we iz definitelee smart!!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

  4. Trev, your teaching your Biped well. She clearly knows you care, and this is a wonderful way for her to express her caring. Besides your just so dang cute. Take care, Bill

  5. What terrific pictures-Trev, what a good boy you are around all those biscuits! Thanks for stopping by Little Dogs Laughed-we appreciate you taking the time to visit. And we look forward to hearing more about Trev and his adventures!

    • Well, thank you oh so much!!!! I truly appreciate your kind words…Thank you for visiting our little corner of the dog blogosphere…It’s the most pawesome place to be!!!! Giggles!!!! Hope your day is wonderful!!!!

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