I’ve Got My Trev To Keep Me Warm

Well, the ice storm came and went, but she was sure to leave some sparkles on the branches before she waved goodbye.


It’s perfect for those of us who will never be able to shop at Tiffany’s, I suppose. Paws down, I’ll take my faithful, shiny, silver Trev over a diamond any old day. After all, he makes my heart glow…Just one of the many joys a dog gives in his life.

The rain has rolled in, melting all the jewels away. Cold temps and fog are sweeping the landscape this morning…Brrrr, but beautiful!!!!




from: I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm~
Just watch those icicles form,
Why do I care if icicles form,
I’ve got my Trev to keep me warm…


Stay warm and safe dear friends!!!!
Much love,