I’ve Got My Trev To Keep Me Warm

Well, the ice storm came and went, but she was sure to leave some sparkles on the branches before she waved goodbye.


It’s perfect for those of us who will never be able to shop at Tiffany’s, I suppose. Paws down, I’ll take my faithful, shiny, silver Trev over a diamond any old day. After all, he makes my heart glow…Just one of the many joys a dog gives in his life.

The rain has rolled in, melting all the jewels away. Cold temps and fog are sweeping the landscape this morning…Brrrr, but beautiful!!!!




from: I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm~
Just watch those icicles form,
Why do I care if icicles form,
I’ve got my Trev to keep me warm…


Stay warm and safe dear friends!!!!
Much love,

50 thoughts on “I’ve Got My Trev To Keep Me Warm

  1. Fantastic pictures! I will take a dog any day over a diamond. No diamond could do for me and my heart what my little Chancy does. Hugs and nose kisses

    • I know, right…another storm is heading in…Ahhhh!!!! So glad you know exactly how it is…Now if zombies invade here…Just tell everyone to get behind the wheel…I think we would have a real chance of survival!!!! Giggle, naw we do have some good drivers…some…I’m still praying every time I get behind the wheel!!!! Love and hugs to you and your lab!!!!

  2. I agree Dogs will always have the ability to warm your soul and keep you feeling snug…such beautiful pictures and of course sweet Trev …the heart melter 😉 hugs Fozziemum xx

    • So so true!!!! You are the best foot warmers in the world!!!! Another storm is heading in tonight, more ice and snow…Cuddling is a MUST!!!! Stay safe and warm!!!! By the way, before I forget…I was having trouble commenting on your Sunday post…so I wish to take this opportunity to say CONGRATULATIONS on being a model dog for Target!!!! That is truly something to really BARK about!!! Have a great time, what a treat and oh, so fun!!!! Very excited for you Emma!!!! Hugs

    • Why, thank you so so much!!!! Four paws help the heart stay warm!!!! I’ve been watching “Christmas With Tucker” on the Hallmark channel today…so precious!!!! Yes, of course, it brought a beautiful tear!!!! I LOVE watching dog movies and crocheting while the baby and Trev take their nap!!!! Hugs and love to you and your furry ones!!!!

      • I have never seen that movie, I will have to keep my eyes peeled. Thank you for the recommendation! I have a final tomorrow, and after that I plan on getting some of my crocheting done for the holiday season. Hopefully Rooney will lay on my feet 🙂 Happy Holidays!

    • LOST, oh so lost!!!! Trev is my four pawed compass…just as you are your parents compass!!!! Thank you sweet Sage!!!! Trev and I send you warm and cozy wishes!!!! Hugs

  3. Purreshus Trev Bear….he is so lubly….
    Yer photoz are bery strikin…ya captured da weather changez so well…bery eerie n spooky n sad lookin…
    We haz had alot of snow n wind n cold….it iz Winter…haz bin since mid Novemburr….
    BBRRRRR IZ right!!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxo

      • Yow Trev Bear n Momma me went to da Vet today…it shure waz cold n da car…no heat n only 20 Fairenhite outside…bbrrr…Mum made shure me had 2 blankiez over da carrier….we DID hab heet on fer da rife back which waz grrrreat!!!
        We snug as a bug tonite n all is well n it iz snowin butt we do not carez 😉
        Much Lub Nylablue xx

  4. Dear Write, Such a beautiful array of photo’s, each distinct and each calming. Thank you for sharing them. Also thank you for stopping by my blog and liking one of my current posts. Hopefully you will find other reasons to stop and enjoy my stories. Take care, Bill

    • Oh Bill, I’m sending a big ol’ hug your way…you are the sweetest!!!! Thank you for making us feel special today…People forget that words are gifts and sometimes just the simplest, sweetest sentiment can give the biggest smiles!!!!

      • Dear Wag, Thank you again for visiting, and for liking my post “Grocery List.” I wasn’t my creation, though I would love to take credit for it. It just seems to warm hearts and calm souls. Please take care, Bill — Merry Christmas to you and yours —

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