Trev’s Early Christmas Treat

Trev received something very special in the mail today from our new blogging friends Rachel & Rooney:


Please make a point to bark or meow on by their new blog today and say hello at:

My Kid Has Paws

Blogging with other animal lovers is such a wonderful treat in itself, really. I truly enjoy seeing everyone’s pictures and seeing the joys their animals give back to them on a daily basis!!!! Today was super special as Trev got to open his first gift from one of our followers!!!! Thank you so much Rachel & Rooney…you are pawesome!!!!

Trev ran over to the bookshelf and barked for me to get the “Give Thanks” book by: Karla Dornacher down so he could pose beside it.

Oh my paws mom, I can’t believe someone sent me a present!!!! I am so humbled!!!!

Oh these look delicious!!!!


They even sent a little Christmas Bow-Tie!!!! I think a trip to PetSmart is a must now Mom!!!!

Num num num!!!! This is pawesome!!!!

Trev definitely gives them four paws up!!!!

Have a wonderful evening ev-furry-one!!!!


32 thoughts on “Trev’s Early Christmas Treat

  1. Oh, Trev, you’re all up for Christmas. You just look Stunning, my furriend and you are sooo lucky! My Christmas paw is still empty and Granny says I must be patient… Pawkisses for a Wonderful Christmas 🙂

  2. Oh Trev I could smooch those chops of yours 😉 what a great surprise and we will check out your friends bloggie for sure…have a great day and you look so debonair in your tie 🙂 xxxxx Fozziemum

    • It was super cool!!!! Plus, it’s a treat meeting new bloggers and introducing them, It really brightened our day…Small things usually give the biggest smiles!!!! Happy day and tons of hugs Emma!!!!

    • Oz!!!! Yay, we are so tickled that you visited us today!!!! Goodness, that video of you was sooooooooooooo CUTE!!!! Cairns ROCK!!!! And a Merry Cairn Christmas to you, Big hugs and so glad we met…Blessings, woofs and wags to you always!!!!

    • Oh, thank you so so much!!!! BTW, Trev and I have been thinkin’ of Jake…We commented on your Honky Tonk Post, but I don’t think my comments are going through properly 😦 So, I’m trying to let my blogging buds know we truly care…Sending love, hugs, woofs and wags!!!!

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