Furr~Abulous And Festive

Can you believe Christmas is just three days away? My hubby went out to pick up a few things tonight and he said the traffic was horrible…almost like Black Friday!!!! He said he had never seen Target so packed. Please be safe out there with all the last minute shoppers!!!!

Trev is almost done decorating the tree…We hope to post his masterpiece tomorrow!!!! You know naps always come first!!!! Here is Trev picking out his favorite ornaments…






45 thoughts on “Furr~Abulous And Festive

  1. How fun having ornaments that look like you. For some reason nobody will make any ornaments that look like me. I might have to take up sculpting and make some myself.

    • Note to Santa: Please send Bongo a pottery studio for the new year!!!! Your original creations will be a huge hit!!!! Get those creative paws ready for greatness!!!! Hugs and Happy Howlidays!!!!

    • Giggles, Cupcake you are just too cute!!!! Trev leaves them on but the baby likes to rearrange the tinsel and other ornaments!!!! It’s a blast!!!! Hope your day is pawesome!!!! Hugs to you and your mom!!!!

  2. Gosh Trev…..some of those ornaments look just like you (only you’re way more cute!!). I’m with you about going out this time of year – I’m thinking humans are nuts to wait until the last minute……I’ve been ready for MONTHS!! My Mom and Dad will be home though…..they’ve finished shopping and now we’re just in “wait” mode for Santa Paws to come visit us!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

    • Sammy!!!! Oh so wonderful to hear from you today!!!! Santa Paws is almost here, we have the tree done and Trev is in snooze mode…His favorite pose by far!!!! Your mom and dad are so so wise…Love you and wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!! Meows!!!!

  3. Oh, Trev you just look so cute with your favorite ornaments. Those are great pictures. You all have a very Merry Christmas. Hugs and nose kisses

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