Trev Vs. Elmo And Monkers

We got our baby boy a Hug Me Elmo this year, and he LOVES it…




The real fun happened when Elmo started singing and talking…Trev went wild!!!!


We originally got Trev a new Monkers for the holidays and he is loving him too!!!!





Life with Trev is a party!!!! Hope this helps you start your new year with a smile!!!!


47 thoughts on “Trev Vs. Elmo And Monkers

  1. Trev you are a classic!! first laugh for the New Year…don’t those Elmos just ask for it !! Doc and Forrest have singing xmas Moose and Dog…they too cop it hahahaha we hope your Monkers survives …..hahahaa we wish your family a year of love laughs good health joy and perhaps some magic and doggie snuggles Love Fozziemum and the whole gang Down Under xxx

    • You are so the best and what a blessing to ring in the new year with you!!!! Monkers, he better pray…and as far as Elmo goes…that’s the beauty of teaching your kids to share!!!! Giggles!!!! Hugs, love, health and all the happiness you can handle…May they be yours Fozziemum!!!!

    • Oz!!!! Hi there favorite buddy pal…You and Trev’s barks and growls are the BEST!!!! Hope your New Year’s Day was totally pawesome!!!! Love and hugs dear one!!!!

  2. OMGoodness, Trev! It’s a good thing you’re as tough as you are. I’m pretty sure that Elmo lunatic was trying to kill you. When nobody is looking, you should bite his belly.

    Love and licks,

  3. Ya iz so lucky to get a Monkerz n yer little Hu’Man got Elmo n sharez…diz iz bunderfull…me got a PONY…me own fsoft n plushy PONY!!! Hope ya will pop over n read me bloggie (maybee ya alreedy did; Mum iz crosseyed frum bein on puter all day, MOL).
    Much Lub frum me Nylablue xxxx

    • Well, thank you so much for inviting us!!!! We have just the pic from an earlier post this year!!!! LOVE your four pawed readers posts!!!! Have a wonderful rest of the week and it’s a pleasure to meet you!!!! Hugs

  4. Trev, Thank you for stopping by my post and your nice comments. Being hospitalized isn’t fun, but it is better than the altertive. I am doing great and should be home in a few days. Again thank you for your encouraging commens. Bill

  5. Helloo!, I Have been looking through all your posts and they are brilliant, been trying to find a spot to say thank you for following me, but you have so many comments on each post I was never sure where it would be best lol!. Anyway Trev is gorgeous!, what a little character. I really look forward to many more posts of trev 🙂 how old is he?

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