53 thoughts on “Trev’s Mid Pup Crisis

    • Oh Sammy!!!! So GREAT to hear from you today…I have been very ill and am trying to get caught back up…Please send love to your mom for me!!!! Trev is a wild one now!!!! Vrooooom!!!! Hugs

  1. Now that is just way over the top cute!!! Watch out sweet Trev, hold on tight the ladies are going to be wanting to take a ride with you in that cool red car. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Thank you!!!! Trev and the fam is doing great, but I have been very ill 😦 Better days and more blogging ahead of me hopefully now ) Blessings and love always!!!! Hugs

  2. I think I love Trevor. 🙂
    When we adopted Hamish from Ireland he already had the name, my brother said it is stupid to give an Irish dog a Scottish name and that I should call him Trevor! I had never met a dog called Trevor before. 🙂

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