Ice Ice Trevvy

Well, another ice storm came into the Music City on Sunday night and this one was intense. Our backyard is lush with large old trees and after a couple hours into the ice storm, they started to tumble. It started with the twigs, then the limbs and some of the big ones just couldn’t hold the weight of the world any longer.


Our neighbor’s tree almost went through their living room. Thankfully it snapped just right and cleared the home. They said it shook the house. No one really rested throughout the entire night. But, there are always naps!!!!:-)

Even with all the damage, everyone has remained safe and that is all that really matters. Thank You, Lord!!!!

The landscape sure was beautiful though. Hope you enjoy!!!!









Time to tend to some frosty perfect paws!!!! Many barks and blessings for a wonderful day!!!!


45 thoughts on “Ice Ice Trevvy

    • Thank you sweet Cupcake!!!! I truly appreciate your warm words…it was wild Sunday night!!!! Maybe things will start to melt in Wednesday….Hope you and your mom have a wonderful day!!!! Big hugs always!!!!

  1. I am so sorry that Mother Nature caused so much damage to your beautiful trees, but very thankful that everyone is safe. That Mother Nature has been a very cruel woman this winter. We’re having our fourth ice storm today. Please . . . it’s March and I live in the South. This can stop any time now!

    • Oh, honey I know it!!!! Please stay safe and warm and I hope the storm passes quickly…The back roads are ice, main roads clear, it’s just getting to them….This winter has been wild, Sunday night was so scary…God bless you and yours!!!! Big hugs always!!!!

  2. Sometimes nature at it’s most beautiful is also it’s most dangerous. Glad everyone is safe and thank you for the gorgeous photos!

  3. Sometimes nature at it’s most beautiful is also it’s most dangerous! So glad everyone is safe and thank you for the gorgeous photos!

    • Awwww….thank you for your warm words…so need them…Wednesday brings the warm up, so until then we are stranded…enjoying our day together, naps and cuddles!!!! Have a wonderful day my friends!!!!

  4. We had snow but no ice thankfully……..I’ve always liked to photograph the ice on tree limbs, etc. but that’s about the only way I like the stuff (except as cubes in lemonade perhaps!!). Good thing you don’t have icicles hanging from your cute nose Trev!

    Pam and Sam

    • Hi there my friends…Wednesday is the warm up…Thank The Lord!!!! Stranded for today, so enjoying the time together!!!! That is always such a blessing!!!! Hugs and love to you both…Glad you are back from the moon now!!!!

    • Shew, I so am!!!! The back roads are still coated in ice…interstates are clear!!!! Wednesday is bringing warmer temps so maybe things will get back to normal then…giggles!!!! Please stay warm and safe!!!!

  5. Oh wow! Beautiful photographs. So pleased everybody was safe, never fails to amaze me how something so beautiful can be so destructive.
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

    • Thank you Carrie, Myfie, Ellie and Millie!!!! Sunday was a sleepless night and oh so scary…we are ready for warmer temps!!!! Have a great rest of the week friends!!!

  6. winter needs to be over.. the little dogies do not have a break.. I am tall and can blow through the snow.. short legs have tall problems

  7. It’s global warming, I tell you. It’s a good thing that the cactus don’t fall over in 70 degree weather. Stay safe back there.

  8. Although it looks like a magic world it can be really dangerous. I’m glad you are safe. If I see Miss Spring I will send it you first, it’s cold here too, but I have a warm blankie and we fortunately have no snow.

    • Thank you so much!!!! It’s finally melted and the weather is warm and gorgeous today!!!! Have to enjoy it while we can!!!! BWAH!!!! Happy weekend to you!!!!

  9. EEoww Trev Bear dat iz bery scarey…all dat ice…n da treez holdin da wait of da werld…it iz so sad when old treez come down…or young onez too…we iz so glad eberyone is safe n no one hert. Ya look a bit chilli in da photo so we hopez ya got inside n warmed up quick!!!
    Much lub frum snowy cold (still) Canada
    Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

    • Hi there Dennis!!!! So great to hear from you…Yes, the ice storms are so very scary…Thankful Spring is here now…You are very lucky to not have to deal with those storms!!!! Have a wonderful week friend!!!!

  10. Writetowag, such a wonderful grouping of pictures, but I am still shivering. Living here in Florida I don’t miss the beautifulness of winter at all. As pretty as snow it that 1st day, those 1st 6 inches, I moved south to avoid that. I hope you enjoy your fun in the snow, and keep your paws warm. Take care, Biped Bill

    • Oh Bill, thank you for visiting us today!!!! We would enjoy living in a warm climate, it’s true…That particular ice storm was so scary, with trees and branches falling like rain…Spring is here now and we have to brave all those allergens…I’m sure living in FL, allergies are tame if at all present…We send love and hugs to you and yours and hope the rest of your week is wonderful!!!!

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