Trev Won A Rein Coat!!!!

Hey there!!!! Trev and I enter bunches of dog merchandise contests and never win…UNTIL NOW!!!! We entered The Rein Coat Giveaway held courtesy of MyKidHasPaws and WE WON!!!! Thank you so much Rachel for hosting this giveaway…we already know that you send out the best treats ever to your loyal readers!!!! πŸ™‚

Here is Trev opening the mail…


We received all sorts of doggone goodies from The Rein Coat including:
A step counter
2 travel size water containers
And a fabulous Rein Coat




As an experienced dog owner, I am always on the lookout for the next new collar. Having a terrier demands that you are CERTAIN that whatever you place around your pup’s neck will be safe, secure and most all comfortable. Choker collars, almost taboo now for some dog owners, is an important training tool and safe if used correctly. I have found that puppy training is more productive with a choker, for only a short period, so the pup learns to respect the leash. Cloth and leather collars are great, but for my dogs, I don’t know if they are escape artists or what, but they always find ways to get out of them. Then harnesses became a hot new item and we bought one and thought it did the trick. We were able to put a collar on our dog that was loose fitting, yet secure and safe for his throat area without the worry of him slipping out. We liked it and Trev tolerated it. Old age changes dogs in many different ways and with Trev, his allergies make him cough and sneeze. This means nothing firm or tight fitting can be placed around his neck. If he pulls too hard or gets excited, one sharp tug will make him have a coughing spell.

So, what is a Rein Coat exactly, you might ask? The Rein Coat is a super soft and fully adjustable luxury harness/coat for your dog. It has a velcro fastener that connects against your dogs chest. I always prefer velcro over snaps because you have more room for a better fit. The coat that drapes across your dogs back is very thin and lightweight. It also fits snuggly to relieve your dog’s anxiety. All I can say is that Trev was falling asleep while I was taking pics. So the relaxation aspect of their product definitely works. Paws down we think it is an awesome product.







Thank you Paula for creating and making a top quality product for our four pawed bear. It is perfect and he is loving it!!!!


Have a pawesome week blogging friends and don’t give up if you think you can never win any of these doggie giveaways. They are real and sometimes, you can actually win!!!! By all means, when you see a Giveaway for The Rein Coat, enter immediately!!!! Your best friend will be oh so glad you did!!!!


65 thoughts on “Trev Won A Rein Coat!!!!

  1. Well done Trev! I just love those photos, but I think #5, #8 and #10 are my absolute favourites. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you have the most gorgeous, gentle eyes, my sweet four-legged friend xx

    • Lyn, you are the sweetest!!!! I love reading your comments…Trev was totally macking the camera lens last night…We had a blast!!!! Hope your evening is wonderful in every way dear friend!!!! Blessings always….

    • Hey there sweet Emma!!!! Yes, it is so wonderful to win, especially something so fabulous!!!! Thank you for sharing your link and most of all Happy Precious Birthday Bailie!!!!

    • We are so excited!!!! You should go to because I think they are having another Rein Coat giveaway now!!!! They are so cool!!!! Trev loves his!!!’

  2. Yow Trev Bear!!! Conkatulashunz on winnin da contest!!! Pawsum purrizez n da Rein Coat iz DA BOMM!!! Fur REEL!!!
    Oh my Kat ya lookz so hansum me wishez dat me was a poochie n me lived reel close to ya so we cuud go fer walkz together!!
    Me lubz da 2rd piccie from da bottom wif yer head tilted a bit…
    Me n Mum both swooned!!!!!!!
    Much lub n **nose kissez**
    Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

    • Oh Nylablue, you are so sweet!!!! Trev would love walkies with you!!!! Our cat KitKat follows Trev on his walks…it’s the funniest thing!!!! I should post of pic of him soon so you can meet him!!!! Love and hugs dear one!!!!

  3. Yow we wuud LUB to see a photo of Trev Bear n KitKat goin ‘walkiez’ together!
    Me Aunti Mary haz Chloe poochie n 2 kittehz named Twink n Wink n dey go walkiez wif her too! We haz a few pix in da album of dem…
    me needz a poochie to walk wif….
    Lub Nylablue ❀ ❀

  4. Hi Trev bear, I was just thinking of you and wondered how you’re doing. Is effurrything okay with you, my furriends πŸ™‚ Sending Extra Pawkisses for the long time no seeing ❀ ❀ ❀

    • Well, I feel so honored you thought of us….I’ve been ill again…on the mend hopefully soon…Trev is pawesome, greyer and more gorgeous…I truly appreciate you dear friend…Your thoughts means the world to us…Thank You Lord for loving people!!!! Hugs

  5. Trev you adorable doll disappeared form our reader….urghghhhh and when we saw you visited today we felt pawful! but hey I found you again and many other peeps that had been lost in he WP gremlin…grr congrats on the coat that looks so perfect..and yes the coughing on a terrier as they age when they wear collars is a worry 😦 and the bonus is you look stylin too πŸ™‚ hugs and much missed loves Fozziemum xx

    • Hi there Ms. Lyn! So wonderful to see you again…Thank you for asking about us…We are doing fine…Little Trev is still enjoying retirement…His hearing continues to fail, but his love is as strong as the first day we met!!!! I am planning to post tomorrow, hopefully…Hoping all is well on your front…Thank you again, your thoughts are a blessing to us!!!! Hugs and well wishes!!!!

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