Oh my goodness, well today we said farewell to our Trevor Bear 😦 With a heavy heart I am reaching out and asking for kind words, thoughts and prayers. This past year has been filled with so many more downs than ups, in fact we just recently moved to Indiana…two weeks now is all we’ve been here. Trev had done tremendous with the move and all, but one week before our moving date, he got snake bit right in our back yard. It was a poisonous snake at that. We are guessing a baby copperhead. Never even seen it while we were out. Trev just started limping and we got to looking and sure enough…two fang marks!


Our vet was like, well, if it’s gonna happen, this is the way you want it to happen. One fang only grazed his skin, the other bite mark was faint. The one bite mark turned yellow and green as the days passed. Trev didn’t miss a beat though. He was put on a full course of antibiotics and by the last day of meds, the marks were a distant memory. Can you even believe that? Trev had angels already surrounding and protecting him.

So, here we are…a family, heartbroken and trying to live life without hearing that little jingle every time Trev entered a room. We now have two empty dog beds, an empty bitey dish and an old lonely leash.

When we dropped Trev off at the Crematory, we unwrapped his body to love on him one last time and this is what our baby boy said:

“There now, little star sweeper, dream on.” Yes, we LOVE Lady and The Tramp and sing that little lullaby almost daily now. It was the most perfect thing to say to Trev at that precious moment.



It’s dinner time and I hear no jingle at my feet. The silence is deafening my friends. Here are some farewell pics we took yesterday with our silver fox:








Trevor Bear’s OBARKtuary
Trevor Bear left our sides when he was 15 years young and has already begun popping up his sweet ewokian head across the Rainbow Bridge whenever he hears a new voice, hoping it is one of us, to welcome us home forever.

Trevor answered to a million or more names including Beary, Bearsabus, Bubby, Boogie, BooBear, BooBearyus, Beary Crocker, Pupcake, TaterBear, Love Muffin, Tootles, BubbyLaBoo, Sugar Bear, BearsLaRoneous, Sugar, Sweetheart, Precious Paws, Trevvy, Gizmo, Ewokers and Budders to name just a few.

Trev’s favorite things in this life were taking long walks with his daddy, getting chest rubs, ear scratches, lying beside us on the couch, mom’s homemade treats, his memory foam doggie bed, our bed, letting the wind blow through his fur, riding in the car sticking his head out of the passenger side window, chasing and tossing his tennis balls and all of his stuffed animals.

As the years passed, his gray hair unfurled, just like his love. Walks became shorter and cuddling became more cherished. His favorite mottos in life were “Bark Less, Wag More” and “When In Doubt…Nap.”

Trevor was a witness to our marriage and the birth of our child. Our baby says Trevvy is the bestest bubby in the whole wide world and he will be blowing kisses at the sky and sending His love to Heaven whenever he thinks of his bubby.

To Trevor:

This tiny blog has been an honor for me to share with all the dog lovers of the world. Thank you Buddy for the privilege of sharing your life with us. We will never be the same my furrbaby.

Oh how we will miss your little jingle that fluttered all about your collar. Every time we heard your jingle, a smile was sure to follow. You were our sunshine little Trevvy. May you be blessed to run free without any more pain through the hills and plains of Heaven. May you also know the gift of endless treats. Your obsession was treats, treats and more treats. We long to see your sweet face again and cross the Rainbow Bridge together.


Thank You, Father God, for the gift of our precious Trevor.

Hugs and kisses times infinity my Pupcake. WE WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS!


Heartbroken but Blessed…


Lights, Camera…Treats {Videos of Trev}

Well, hello dear blogging friends…we are so glad to see you again!!!! Trev and I have been having a blast playing with the video maker Magisto. It’s easy peesy, super fun and the basic package is free.


We hope you enjoy:

Have a pawesome day!!!!
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Trev Vs. Elmo And Monkers

We got our baby boy a Hug Me Elmo this year, and he LOVES it…




The real fun happened when Elmo started singing and talking…Trev went wild!!!!


We originally got Trev a new Monkers for the holidays and he is loving him too!!!!





Life with Trev is a party!!!! Hope this helps you start your new year with a smile!!!!


Furr~Abulous And Festive

Can you believe Christmas is just three days away? My hubby went out to pick up a few things tonight and he said the traffic was horrible…almost like Black Friday!!!! He said he had never seen Target so packed. Please be safe out there with all the last minute shoppers!!!!

Trev is almost done decorating the tree…We hope to post his masterpiece tomorrow!!!! You know naps always come first!!!! Here is Trev picking out his favorite ornaments…






Trev’s Early Christmas Treat

Trev received something very special in the mail today from our new blogging friends Rachel & Rooney:


Please make a point to bark or meow on by their new blog today and say hello at:

My Kid Has Paws

Blogging with other animal lovers is such a wonderful treat in itself, really. I truly enjoy seeing everyone’s pictures and seeing the joys their animals give back to them on a daily basis!!!! Today was super special as Trev got to open his first gift from one of our followers!!!! Thank you so much Rachel & Rooney…you are pawesome!!!!

Trev ran over to the bookshelf and barked for me to get the “Give Thanks” book by: Karla Dornacher down so he could pose beside it.

Oh my paws mom, I can’t believe someone sent me a present!!!! I am so humbled!!!!

Oh these look delicious!!!!


They even sent a little Christmas Bow-Tie!!!! I think a trip to PetSmart is a must now Mom!!!!

Num num num!!!! This is pawesome!!!!

Trev definitely gives them four paws up!!!!

Have a wonderful evening ev-furry-one!!!!


I’ve Got My Trev To Keep Me Warm

Well, the ice storm came and went, but she was sure to leave some sparkles on the branches before she waved goodbye.


It’s perfect for those of us who will never be able to shop at Tiffany’s, I suppose. Paws down, I’ll take my faithful, shiny, silver Trev over a diamond any old day. After all, he makes my heart glow…Just one of the many joys a dog gives in his life.

The rain has rolled in, melting all the jewels away. Cold temps and fog are sweeping the landscape this morning…Brrrr, but beautiful!!!!




from: I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm~
Just watch those icicles form,
Why do I care if icicles form,
I’ve got my Trev to keep me warm…


Stay warm and safe dear friends!!!!
Much love,