Oh my goodness, well today we said farewell to our Trevor Bear 😦 With a heavy heart I am reaching out and asking for kind words, thoughts and prayers. This past year has been filled with so many more downs than ups, in fact we just recently moved to Indiana…two weeks now is all we’ve been here. Trev had done tremendous with the move and all, but one week before our moving date, he got snake bit right in our back yard. It was a poisonous snake at that. We are guessing a baby copperhead. Never even seen it while we were out. Trev just started limping and we got to looking and sure enough…two fang marks!


Our vet was like, well, if it’s gonna happen, this is the way you want it to happen. One fang only grazed his skin, the other bite mark was faint. The one bite mark turned yellow and green as the days passed. Trev didn’t miss a beat though. He was put on a full course of antibiotics and by the last day of meds, the marks were a distant memory. Can you even believe that? Trev had angels already surrounding and protecting him.

So, here we are…a family, heartbroken and trying to live life without hearing that little jingle every time Trev entered a room. We now have two empty dog beds, an empty bitey dish and an old lonely leash.

When we dropped Trev off at the Crematory, we unwrapped his body to love on him one last time and this is what our baby boy said:

“There now, little star sweeper, dream on.” Yes, we LOVE Lady and The Tramp and sing that little lullaby almost daily now. It was the most perfect thing to say to Trev at that precious moment.



It’s dinner time and I hear no jingle at my feet. The silence is deafening my friends. Here are some farewell pics we took yesterday with our silver fox:








Trevor Bear’s OBARKtuary
Trevor Bear left our sides when he was 15 years young and has already begun popping up his sweet ewokian head across the Rainbow Bridge whenever he hears a new voice, hoping it is one of us, to welcome us home forever.

Trevor answered to a million or more names including Beary, Bearsabus, Bubby, Boogie, BooBear, BooBearyus, Beary Crocker, Pupcake, TaterBear, Love Muffin, Tootles, BubbyLaBoo, Sugar Bear, BearsLaRoneous, Sugar, Sweetheart, Precious Paws, Trevvy, Gizmo, Ewokers and Budders to name just a few.

Trev’s favorite things in this life were taking long walks with his daddy, getting chest rubs, ear scratches, lying beside us on the couch, mom’s homemade treats, his memory foam doggie bed, our bed, letting the wind blow through his fur, riding in the car sticking his head out of the passenger side window, chasing and tossing his tennis balls and all of his stuffed animals.

As the years passed, his gray hair unfurled, just like his love. Walks became shorter and cuddling became more cherished. His favorite mottos in life were “Bark Less, Wag More” and “When In Doubt…Nap.”

Trevor was a witness to our marriage and the birth of our child. Our baby says Trevvy is the bestest bubby in the whole wide world and he will be blowing kisses at the sky and sending His love to Heaven whenever he thinks of his bubby.

To Trevor:

This tiny blog has been an honor for me to share with all the dog lovers of the world. Thank you Buddy for the privilege of sharing your life with us. We will never be the same my furrbaby.

Oh how we will miss your little jingle that fluttered all about your collar. Every time we heard your jingle, a smile was sure to follow. You were our sunshine little Trevvy. May you be blessed to run free without any more pain through the hills and plains of Heaven. May you also know the gift of endless treats. Your obsession was treats, treats and more treats. We long to see your sweet face again and cross the Rainbow Bridge together.


Thank You, Father God, for the gift of our precious Trevor.

Hugs and kisses times infinity my Pupcake. WE WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS!


Heartbroken but Blessed…


97 thoughts on “Trevor Bear’s OBARKtuary

  1. We haven’t seen much from your blog for a while, but so many bloggers disappear, it is hard to keep track. Mom and I are so very sorry about Trevor. He was such a sweet little fellow. Our heart breaks for you. Mom lost her first dog almost eleven years ago and still cries about her sometimes. She always says she can’t imagine waking up with no dog to care for which is why we have several dogs. Each of us is special, but each will be devastating when our time is up. Our precious Katie is thirteen now and for a large dog, that is quite old. We cherish every day we have with her which make it all the harder when our friends lives come to an end as we fear we will lose our girl next. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you so much for sharing your precious Trevor with us.Trevor wouldn’t want you to dwell on the sadness, remember the good times and feel blessed for the time you shared until you meet again.

    • Emma!!!! It is so wonderful to hear from you!!!! Thank you so so much for all of your kind words…we need them so…Sweet Katie, 13 years YOUNG…May she be blessed with many more wonderful years….Again, I appreciate you more than you could ever know for making my heart a little lighter…Hugs, woofs and wags sweet one!!!!

  2. Oh my! I am so, so sorry to hear that Trev has gone. I can hardly write for tears. He was so beautiful and every photo you shared with us showed his gentle and loving nature. Thank you for allowing me to be part of Trev’s life for the past three years. Sending you all lots of hugs and prayers xxx

    • Miss Lyn, your words are like a balm for our souls…I cried when I first read your comment…Thank you from the bottom of my heart…You are such a beautiful person, how I am thankful to know you! Unable to sleep yet, so I went down to the kitchen and sorted some pintos to let them soak overnight…they are great in the crockpot, add couple slices of bacon and some seasonings, yum! Anyhoo, thank you for being so precious to Trev and I…Guess I’ll start joining in the writing stories bloghops and such…Will be seeing you soon my friend! Hugs galore!!!!

  3. Oh we cannot say how terribly sad we are to hear this news…sweet Trev…we had missed seeing you and to see this is heart breaking..i know Forrest has had two snake bites within twelve months and is very lucky to be with us today..we have summer apporaching and again i am terrified..bye bye sweet Trev and please accept our heartfelt love and hugs at this sad time..Fozziemum xxx

    • Fozziemum!!!! So great to hear from you again…I truly appreciate your sweet words…I need them…we need them…Your words brought the good kind of tears, knowing you have real friends…dog lovers are the best kinds of peeps!!!! Forrest, two bites, oh my word, what a nightmare, poor baby bear…He is like Super Dog then, giggles galore!!!! He needs a cape!!!! I would be so scared too…May God watch over and continue to keep your furbaby safe and out of harm…Thank you so much my friend…means so much to us…Hugs, woofs and wags…

  4. My heart just made space for your little nugget. I’m so sorry you lost your Trev. He was a spunky light in this world and I know his light will always shine on you. He was meant to be yours, and you his. Sending love and hugs to you and to doggie heaven. ❤️

    • Oh, just the perfect thing to say…I truly appreciate every word…dog lovers just rock don’t they…So glad I reached out to you…your bloggie always makes me smile…Thank you for taking time for us tonight, it means so very much…Thank You Lord for my dog lovin’ friends!!!! We are sending love to you and Jake…Hugs galore!!!!

    • Love!!!! Thank you so much…I am so thankful for your kind words…a soul of pure gold…perfectly put…all dogs do…Hope you are wonderful friend…by the way your blog name is awesome! Hugs

  5. We’re so sorry of losing your purrecious Trev Bear. We’re in tears, he was such a sweet, lovely furriend and we always thought of him and wondered if he was allright. Our heart aches for you. Goodbye my little wise furry furriend. We’re going to miss you and purray for your pawrents to take away the pain they are going through. Soft Pawkisses to comfort you ❤ ❤ ❤

    • So in need of your paw kisses…Thank you so so much for your sweet words…They are such a comfort, plus it’s you!!!! You are one of most kindest and beautiful people and paws I’ve met…your blog always is relaxing and tender, especially what a heart needs to see now…We miss Trev so much already, it’s so difficult, but your thoughtfulness helps more than you’ll ever know…Lord, thank you for my friends!!!! Hugs galore…

      • Granny was looking at TrevBear this morning and she said I have to see if his mom and family are okay. It still hurts when we think about our little furriend and this post made us shed a tear again, so we can only imagine how you feel 😦 Hope you are allright. Pawkisses to you my furriend 🙂 ❤ ❤

      • You have filled my heart with such gratitude this morning…I am so thankful to have you as my friends…This was our first Thanksgiving without our furrbaby…it’s really been weighing on us…Christmas will also be hard…with so much happening towards the end of summer, we really didn’t get a chance to mourn…I truly miss him, my bestus buddy in the whole wide world…I know you understand…Thank you again for thinking of us today…It means so very much…You are wonderful…Hope you are all doing fabulous…I wish you a truly magical holiday season…Hugs galore!!!!

  6. I’m so sorry for your wonderful Trevor… I wish I would find the right words… but there are just tears… many thanks for a very touching obarktuary… it’s a a wonderful tribute for a wonderful pup…

    • Easy, thank you so very much…Your words were perfect!!!! Your kindness helps in so many wonderful ways…Thank you for taking time for us today….BIG hugs to you and yours…have a lovely weekend friend!!!!

  7. so sorry I know from experience it is hard, I lost my 2 senior pawsisters this summer a month apart, it has taken me 2 months to start to play normal. Let me know if you ever need a hug

    • Hugs, yes, please send them in multitudes…we already feel them from here…Oh my goodness, losing your two girls just a month apart…devastating, heart breaking now…I am so sorry to not have known sooner, please accept our sincerest condolences and heartfelt healing…It is so sad…Your words of love help us more than you’ll ever know…Thank you friend…Have a fantastic weekend!!!! Hugs

  8. Oh dear Trevvy Bear….you are going to be missed SO much, my friend. You were an angel here on Earth for your momma (and for all of us) bringing happiness and lots of love. I know you will be a shining star of an angel in Heaven and that you will peek in on all of us from time to time. Run free, my friend…feel forever young once more. I will see you again…

    • Oz, you know I love you!!!! Oh, your words were just so perfect and so sweet…Trev is my shining star and I know he is no longer in pain anymore, but, boy there is such emptiness when you lose your furrbaby…Your words bring me much comfort…I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know…Thank you my friend!!!! Hugs

  9. Oh I can’t believe that sweet little guy is gone…Mama is bawling her eyes out reading your beautifully written farewell…we love your message but clicked on “like” as a way of showing that we know how you feel and you gave him the best life and send-off with your words…he’s playing now, like you said, there is no pain, he is waiting for you when it’s your time…never forget the love he has brought your life…hugs and butterfly kisses..we never met him but we loved him too…a quiet “woof out” from me, Willow the Wheaten

    • Awwww, your quiet woof out…LOVE that!!!! Thank you sweet Willow….You brought me some giggles…Thank you for that…Your thoughtfulness and live are appreciated beyond words dear friend…BIG hugs sent your way…

  10. Wow – what a story. He was lucky indeed with that snake bite! Sweet Trevor will be missed and he had a wonderful life. It’s a shame our dogs cannot live longer. My thoughts are with you and Trevor and your family. May he rest in peace. ❤

    • Thank you so very much sweet Ann!!!! I know, I wished they never had to leave us, just be with us always, but you know, they are ALWAYS in our hearts forever…and that is such a blessing to all of us…You are pawesome and thank you so very much!!!! Hugs

  11. I’m so sorry for your loss. Trevor looks like he was a sweet boy and he had a great life with you. I know how you are feeling, having lost my miniature poodle, Cinnamon, just last year when she was 12 years old, and I still miss her dearly. But our sweet pups will be watching over us from the Rainbow Bridge and we will all meet again one day.

    • Your kindness is so very much appreciated…Cinnamon, what a perfect name 🙂 12 years young, I am so sorry about your little one…I send much love and compassion your way, thank you for sharing her with me…it makes your soul feel empty, but you are so right…they are watching over us…the love they give knows no time limit or boundaries…only true dog lovers understand…Thank you again….hugs…

  12. HE WAS SO DEARLY LOVED – and there is nothing better that could be said about your sweet and adorable furbaby. Although these next few weeks will be hard – let all the wonderful memories of your years together carry you through it and know he is with so many wonderful friends over the bridge

    • Such a pleasure to hear from you…Thank you for each sweet word…it is so very hard right now…You give great advice to us…all the fun memories…and he is running free with the best of them…All of these comments…we wouldn’t be making it through this if it wasn’t for all my dog bloggin’ friends…you are pawesome and we send your such sincere thankfulness…hugs

    • Sweet Dakota!!!! So great to hear from you!!!! Thank you for taking time for us…it means the world to us…you have graced our bloggie with your visit…Please keep praying…and give your mama extra snuggles tonight…She is wonderful!!!! Hugs

  13. We’re saddened. We were “hit” 3 years ago when we lost Kenzie (westie) and just before last Christmas with Kyla (Scottie). Our advice is to fill the Cairn shaped hole in your hearts by honoring Trev with adopting a rescue. Honoring is the word because if you don’t get another terrier, Trev will wonder what he did wrong. We replaced Kenzie and Kyla with terrier mixes and they love as much or more than pure breds. Also, black dogs have problems being adopted, so I’d go for one of those. It has really helped to have a couple of dogs who were at one time on the “euthanasia list”. Kyla and Kenzie would have wanted that.

  14. We are so very to hear about Trevor, but so glad he was yours to lose. He made you the luckiest person on the planet. I hope the tears turn to smiles soon as you remember all the good times.

    • Awwww…so sweetly said…it’s like Winnie the Pooh says “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” I love your comment…Thank you so much for the smile you gave our hearts tonight…hugs

      • Wow! Who knew Winnie the Pooh was such a philosopher. Thank you for sharing. I will remember it and use it often.

  15. So sorry you had to say good bye to Trevor. He was a whole lot of personality in a little dog. He was loved.
    Hugs to you. Wonderful you have this blog and more pictures, I am sure… and all those wonderful, sweet memories.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your time with us…it means alot! I am so happy that I started his bloggie…it is so cathartic having everything cataloged at a fingers touch…it keeps him eternal for us…Thank you again for your kindness…Hoping you are wonderful in every way!!!! Hugs

  16. hello write to wag its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am verry sorry to heer that trevor had to go away!!! it is never eezy to say gudbye to owr frends and we never forgit them!!! run free trevor and mayk shoor to stop by tuckers everlasting rainbo bridj buffet he wil mayk up a playt espeshly for yoo of all yore fayvrit delishus foods!!! ok bye

    • Ohhhh…Tucker Everlasting Rainbow Bridge Buffet…you know they are all hanging out there at the treat section…num num numming it up…Thank you for a BIG smile sweet Dennis…I appreciate you beyond words…Hugs

  17. Thank you for creating a sacred space where we can leave messages to honour buddhaful Trevor. Your moving tribute and his precious photos fill my heart with sadness but they also bring back sweet memories. I so enjoyed seeing Trevor’s adogable face on tweets and read some of your doglightful blog posts. Do I have your permission to use one of Trevor’s photos on my Pinterest page? I have a Dolly PawCircle board and would like to honour him there. Big hugs ❤ Dolly

    • Of course…that is such a compliment to us…We thank you so much for your love and kindness…You are wonderful!!!! Thank you for filling our hearts with sweet smiles tonight…so appreciative beyond words…Hugs always

  18. The angels are holding your precious Trevor.. I know your heart is broken,, and we are so sorry..
    We are visiting from the POTP page.

  19. We are so very sorry that sweet Trevor had to leave, we know how hard it is to have to say goodbye for a time. Our hearts are aching for you and we send lots of warm, gentle, comforting hugs. We are saying lots of prayers for you all at this difficult and sad time.

    • Mr. Bailey, Hazel and Mabel, pleasure to meet you!!!! Thank you for coming to our bloggie…each sweet words is appreciated more than you could know precious puggers!!!! Please keep lifting prayers for us…hugs galore….

  20. I am so very sorry to hear abouts your loss. It is always such a heartbreak when we lose one of our furkids. I’m sorry I never met sweet Trevor, I thinks we would have been FABulous pals! I found you from the POTP page, and just had to come overs and give you and your family some AireZens. Sounds like Trevor was one lucky doggie..I am so glads you had him in your life.
    Til you meet again…..
    Ruby ♥

    • Sweet Ruby, I am sure you two would have been fabulous friends as well…pleasure to meet you and thank you for coming all the way over to our tiny little bloggie…means the world for you taking the time for us…each comment helps us remember we are not alone…Thank you for the comfort…hugs, woofs and wags….

    • Oh, Wallace and Samuel!!!! So pawesome to hear from you…You are such cuties!!!! Thank you so much for taking time to comfort us…it means so much and we appreciate you so…please keep lifting prayers…we picked up Trev’s ashes yesterday…So that is some comfort…Love and hugs always sweet ones….

  21. I’m in tears here as if Trevor was my own pup. I’m beyond heartbroken for you. Trev was a very special little guy, just the pics of him always made me smile and giggle. He brought joy to people far beyond your own home through your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your sweet boy with us. He will always be in our hearts too. Prayers and hugs to you and your family.

    • Thank you so so much….This is so hard, I don’t think we could have made it this far had it not been for all of my blogging friends…Thank you again for your love, time and comforting words…It means everything to us…We send healing hugs, love and tons of treats to your sweet precious cutie Daisy…

  22. O gosh we’ve only just seen this ,we’re a bit behind,sorry that your Trevor Bear had to cross the rainbow Bridge,Bunny snuggles and hugs are winging their way to you all.Run free little Mate ,till we see you again,xx Speedy and Rachel

  23. Oh dear, we are all so sorry about Trevor. Mamaclickyfingerssecretary has not let us play in bloggyworld so much, so we are sorry to have missed this before. We hope you are all doing well and send much much love and puppy wuvwuvwuv! Mama, Kuruk, and Nalle

  24. Just found this post or I would have responded much sooner. Hugs and prayers of comfort to you. Cairns are blessings in fur coats. Trevor knew he was loved and I’ll bet he knew how much you loved him, too. May he run free and be happy until you’re reunited once again. I’m so sorry to hear about your furbaby.

    • Thank you times infinity…so very happy to hear from you!!!! Feel so embarrassed to just finding this…Oh how my heart needed a warm and kind hello…love those paw kisses too little angel!!!! Our heart are still so tender…how I miss my little furrbaby 😦 One day at a time you know…I pray you and yours are doing fabulous…Please know you are a true angel and I feel so blessed to know you…Thank you again for reaching out…It gives me such comfort…May you and yours be blessed today and am wishing you a wonderful week!!!! Hugs galore my friend!!!!

  25. It’s been five months since you left us for the Rainbow Ridge, Trev, and even now, reading your Obarktuary, tears flow again like rain. I’ll never close the link to your blog so I can look on your sweet face every so often xxxx

    • Oh Ms. Lyn, what a blessing to hear from you n read this lovely comment…so sweet n thoughtful of you…5 months, I know, I have it on my calendar each month…Thank you so much for remembering Trev n I…I miss him sooo…hoping to get a new furrbaby soon n pick up on my little bloggie…Hope you are fabulous n every single way…Thank you again for just thinking of us…I feel so blessed to know you. Hugs galore my friend ~Cara

  26. Can’t believe it’s been 5 and a bit years since Trev left this world. I hope you and your family have been able to stay safe during these difficult times.
    Love and prayers,
    Lyn ❤ ❤

    • Oh my goodness, what a lovely surprise to hear from you Miss Lyn!!!! You put such a big smile on our faces today…I hope you and yours are doing well in every way…With all the craziness around us, what a blessing it is to just share a little love…Thank you for taking time out to say hello…Praying extra protection over you and yours to stay healthy and well…
      Always sending love and blessings,

      • Hi Cara, yep…it’s all about love – “this is the way.” Thank you, we’re doing really well – including our fur babies – they keep us sane. The past twelve months have been so worrying – and scary. I hope and pray that you and your family are keeping safe and well, and always wearing your masks and washing your hands. It seems crazy to say that, but it never hurts to keep it in the forefront of your mind. My dear sweet elderly neighbour (she’s 82) is Italian and she has lost her brother, sister in law and niece to Covid in Italy. Where will it all end? Lets pray the vaccinations works.
        Love and blessings right back at you sweet lady

      • My heart also goes out to you about your precious Cally…I’m so sorry…The time has just passed in the blink of an eye…They are still holding our hearts…Love like that is such a miracle…We were so blessed to have them!!!! ❤️‍🩹💗💝🐾🐾🌈

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