Hypnotic Paws…You Are Getting Sleepy…

Look Into My Eyes Trev…


Brrrrrummmm Brrrrummmmm…this is the sound we make to describe Trev’s ability to warm his spot on the bed just like a heating pad…All of you know exactly what I’m talking about!!!! They are the best foot warmers around!!!!


Beary, relax your paws one at a time…


Hug little Rocky close….


Your eyes are getting very heavy…


When I count to 10 you will be completely asleep…No, Trev, I didn’t say treat!!!!


It’s been a ruff day my little buddy, let’s turn in for the night now…


Sweet dreams all my furry friends!!!! Hope you have a wonderful and healthy night’s rest…Goodnight!!!!


43 thoughts on “Hypnotic Paws…You Are Getting Sleepy…

  1. Trompie’s friend Luigi only has to hear tr…. and he’ll be going to the kitchen and will sit in front of the cupboard waiting for his treat! They know what you mean without even thinking about it! Hugs to you all.

  2. We don’t need heating pads in the summer here in Arizona. I sleep on the bed in the cooler weather but most of the time I have my body on the cool stone floor in one room and my head on the soft carpet in another. Everyone has to watch out when changing rooms.

    • Not just yet, these pics were taken a while back…We are getting ready to enter Fall…looking forward to seeing all the gold and orange colors…hopefully I can get some good pics to share in the blog!!!! Fall is my favorite season…how bout you? Which do you like best? –Hugs

      • Yes, it would be lovely. Northern California does not have such a dramatic Fall as the Midwest and eastern states do. We like to live vicariously through other people’s photos.

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